Grading All the New Movie Trailers Out of Comic-Con

I traveled to visit family this weekend, so as new trailers came pouring in over the weekend from San Diego's Comic-Con, I was only able to watch a couple of them. I'm sure many of you may be interested in seeing them, debating them, and discussing them. So I Read more

Bright Spots: Chauncy's Chance

So I just happened to see Memphis, Tennessee briefly trending earlier today on Facebook (it appears to have already dropped half an hour after I first saw it), and so I obviously had to see what was going on. I was thrilled to see it was for another positive Read more

As a White Man, I now understand why the O.J. Simpson Jury did what it did

It was a hot Friday night in the summer of 1994. My parents and I had just walked into our house from a lengthy little league game of mine. Despite hours in the heat, I was wound up from the excitement of a win and eager to dive into Read more

Bright Spots: Memphis Teen Pays For College Like A Boss

Every now and then the media chooses to spend a little time on positive stories to share with the general public. I think it's important that we, as consumers, show up with website hits and/or media views to reinforce this positive publicity in a society dominated by negative news Read more

In Defense of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Imagine the following: a popular movie genre is categorized by smart but formulaic films, enjoyable and entertaining while also going out of their way to explain everything explicitly to the viewer and not engage any level of mystery or metaphysical questions. Another film comes along in this genre and while Read more

The Bachelor 2016: Finale Recap!

  (Written by @JeremyWilson412. For more coverage of this season's The Bachelor, go here) Another season has come and gone, and one thing was clear from start to finish: America loves Ben. Admit it, you love Ben. It doesn’t matter if you are a single girl, a married woman, or a Read more

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Jack Bauer, Michael J. Fox, and Agent Coulson – They’re Back!

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Jack Bauer and 24 are BACK!

I’ve tried to contain my excitement to just a few social media posts every day. It’s been a wild week at work and spending as much time as possible with my new baby nephew Walt, so that’s helped distract me from sitting on the couch in my CTU t-shirt and just watch all 8 seasons of 24 in a row. I have to remember to be a productive human being still and live my life in a productive and free way that makes Jack Bauer’s ongoing sacrifices worthwhile. Read more

Why The Americans Could Be the Next Great TV Show

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When I first saw the trailer for FX’s newest drama, The Americans, I was instantly excited. I was skeptically cautious, but I had high hopes that perhaps The Americans would be the next great drama on TV. In the short term, we needed something to fill in between Homeland‘s finale in December and the premiere of Mad Men and Game of Thrones at the end of March/beginning of April. In the long term, we need some new dramatic series as Breaking Bad and Mad Men begin to wrap up their runs with the final season and penultimate season approaching, respectively.

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TV Review – Last Resort

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Confession: I love conspiracy, serial dramas. I watched 24 the night it premiered.  Alias hooked me on the reboot, post-Super Bowl episode, which prompted me to go back and watch from the beginning.  I loved the return of the serial drama to network TV.  Sidney Bristow and Jack Bauer’s tackling of government conspiracies to take over the world. I was hooked at every twist and turn.

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Who Killed Rosie Larsen & Why I’d Watch It All Over Again

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When it first premiered with online ads and television teasers hooking us with the prospect of a new Swedish noir-esque, radically different type of TV murder mystery, critics, fans, and everyone in-between were hooked.  It was heralded as combining the premise of Twin Peaks with the real-time element of 24 and the awkward buddy teaming of The X-Files.
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TV is still golden and Mad Men may be king for a long, long time

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Editor’s Note: This post was written having only viewed Mad Men Season 5 through Episode 11, “The Other Woman.”

In the nascent days of The Wise Guise, when gathering with my wife, Clayton, and Colin at McAlister’s Deli over lunch, we talked about what The Wise Guise would be. We discussed initial blog post ideas, vision for the site, the name, the logo, the format, etc. Upon discussing the notion of a unique twist on episode recaps of various shows, we decided that would be a silly endeavor. After all, so many blogs, websites, and critics partake in this daily/weekly tradition started by Alan Sepinwall (and still mastered by the OG himself). What could we bring to the table that they didn’t? While we firmly believed our contribution to the blogosphere would be unique takes and twists on old ideas with the grandiose vision of being a blog about everything (and therefore nothing all at the same time), how could we compete with the other professional writers who recap wittily and insightfully every week? Read more

Papa Nes: The Gambling Odds of an American in Casablanca

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Greetings from 4,367 miles “across the pond” in a land where flags fly every few miles on the highway and my cab driver couldn’t be nicer, buying me “café”* during our brief stop for “petro” on the 99 km drive to Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

*Note this “café” was espresso in a plastic cup, I am not man enough for this but sip it politely.

Before I get too deep into what I wish I could call prose (wasn’t blessed with the writing gift, but if you need someone to give you golf lesson/argue why Omar from The Wire is better than Don Draper, Walter White, and Tony Soprano/argue the merits of why Abbey Road is the best Beatles album/go to a Phish show/schmooze the crap out of an audience… then I am your man). Read more