Grading All the New Movie Trailers Out of Comic-Con

I traveled to visit family this weekend, so as new trailers came pouring in over the weekend from San Diego's Comic-Con, I was only able to watch a couple of them. I'm sure many of you may be interested in seeing them, debating them, and discussing them. So I Read more

Bright Spots: Chauncy's Chance

So I just happened to see Memphis, Tennessee briefly trending earlier today on Facebook (it appears to have already dropped half an hour after I first saw it), and so I obviously had to see what was going on. I was thrilled to see it was for another positive Read more

As a White Man, I now understand why the O.J. Simpson Jury did what it did

It was a hot Friday night in the summer of 1994. My parents and I had just walked into our house from a lengthy little league game of mine. Despite hours in the heat, I was wound up from the excitement of a win and eager to dive into Read more

Bright Spots: Memphis Teen Pays For College Like A Boss

Every now and then the media chooses to spend a little time on positive stories to share with the general public. I think it's important that we, as consumers, show up with website hits and/or media views to reinforce this positive publicity in a society dominated by negative news Read more

In Defense of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Imagine the following: a popular movie genre is categorized by smart but formulaic films, enjoyable and entertaining while also going out of their way to explain everything explicitly to the viewer and not engage any level of mystery or metaphysical questions. Another film comes along in this genre and while Read more

The Bachelor 2016: Finale Recap!

  (Written by @JeremyWilson412. For more coverage of this season's The Bachelor, go here) Another season has come and gone, and one thing was clear from start to finish: America loves Ben. Admit it, you love Ben. It doesn’t matter if you are a single girl, a married woman, or a Read more

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He Said, She Said: Round Two

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He Said, She Said will be a weekly post brought to you by Joseph Williams and his lovely wife, Palmer. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything though…

Discussing thoughts and feelings about everything under the sun, from TV and film to awards shows and life experiences, they’ll bring a unique perspective on each topic.  When they agree, consider it two thumbs up.  When they disagree, consider both sides.  But don’t write them off as typical-guy and typical-gal points of view.  After all, Palmer doesn’t exactly like chick flicks, and Joseph doesn’t get all jacked up to see Transformers 3 at midnight.


How to Make Predictions for Contests

Palmer: Now that awards season is upon us, an annual debate has arisen between Joseph and I about how you should fill out your Oscars ballot. Joseph and his cheating heart thoroughly researched what the critics and Academy say about each pick.  I, with my pure, unadulterated heart, predict based on who I think ought to win.  Example: Joseph voted for The Tree of Life for cinematography based on critics’ predictions.  I saw parts of The Tree of Life, and thought the story was dumb and had no plot. Albeit a beautiful movie, my heart told me this was the Oscars, a contest for movies, not a contest for art on screen. Thus, I couldn’t vote for a seemingly pointless movie and chose, instead, The Artist.  Why should I let the Academy, a group of people I’m pretty sure I have little in common with, decide for ME what I think a good movie is?!

Joseph: First of all, you watched about 15 minutes of The Tree of Life.  I chose it because I thought it did have the best cinematography.  And many make the argument that movies are indeed a form of art on screen. I don’t see why being principled and choosing with your heart has to be mutually exclusive from picking a winner and being a winner.  This debate comes up as I have, for the second year in a row, won the Oscars Prediction Pool amongst our friends.

Palmer: And by win, you mean you cheated. And cheaters aren’t winners. So you did not win. Because you cheated.  (and The Tree of Life was dumb) Read more