On John Updike & Easter

While Joseph reflected on Good Friday last year, we urge you to enjoy this poem from John Updike and Michael Bowman's reflections so that you can let this year's celebration of Easter impact your life beyond Easter Sunday. Have a blessed week! "Seven Stanzas at Easter" by John Updike Make no Read more

Roundtable: 2014 NBA Playoffs Preview

Spring has sprung, The Masters has come and gone, so now The Wise Guise and the sports world are focused on one thing: The NHL Playoffs -- er (clears throat), excuse me... THE NBA PLAYOFFS, BABY! The Grizzly Bears have nestled into the 7 seed and will face a familiar foe in Read more

He Said, She Said Movie Review: Veronica Mars

Joseph and Palmer were supporters of the Veronica Mars movie from its KickStarter's early beginnings. Now that the movie has come out, Joseph and Palmer give their reviews of the feature length reunion of one of the first shows they watched together as a married couple. Joseph: In its first weekend Read more

Bitten by the Green-Eyed Monster

We all fall victim to the green-eyed monster. It has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the first reference the green-eyed monster dates back hundreds of years to Shakespeare's Othello. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd Read more

My Weekend at The Masters: Bubba, History, and How It's Supposed to Be

It was clear on Saturday night how things were going to go, if you looked at Twitter, watched the Golf Channel, and listened to the pundits. On Sunday, here's how it was supposed to be… - Bubba Watson had only won 1 out of 14 tournaments that he had led Read more

Feeny Friday: First Girl Meets World Teaser Trailer

Happy Feeny Friday, you Feeny Fanatics! Today's post is as simple as it is wonderful - the first Girl Meets World teaser trailer is here. We are also getting more GMW cast photos, as well as confirmations that Feeny will be back for the pilot (premiering sometime this summer), Minkus will be back Read more

Roundtable: 2013 Fall TV Preview

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fall tv 2013 preview photo Roundtable: 2013 Fall TV Preview

With the arrival of fall, we have a lot of TV shows returning and new series beginning to air. The Wise Guise and Friends decided to share which returning and new TV shows we’re most excited for! So click below to hear why we’re pumped for Brooklyn 99, The Michael J. Fox Show, Nashville, New Girl, and more…

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Why Conservatives Should Support Common Core

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Tennessee Department of Education logo Why Conservatives Should Support Common Core

As a conservative Republican, there are many complaints I have against President Obama’s leadership and our expanding federal government. Whether it is the Internal Revenue Service’s unconstitutional targeting of conservative groups, more tax hikes than spending cuts, or rising health care costs even after the passing of ObamaCare, the federal government under President Obama has been expanding, with very little to show for it.

But I’m saddened when some fellow conservatives criticize Common Core State Standards as another example of the centralized federal government taking over education.

There are many ways in which the federal government is infringing upon our freedoms. Common Core State Standards are not one of them.

As a former 11th and 12th grade social studies teacher at Whites Creek High School in Nashville, TN, I experienced firsthand how the educational policies and standards of the past two decades have made equality of opportunity a myth for far too many of our children. I also learned what an educational standard is and is not.  Standards are the goals that we set for our students. Curriculum is the path we navigate to get them to those goals. The Common Core State Standards are not a dictation on how we should teach. They are meant to raise the bar to make our students nationally and internationally competitive with higher order thinking and problem solving skills needed to meet the needs of the future.

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NFL Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Picks

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NFL Logo1 NFL Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Picks

Week 1 round up:

Let’s recap a wacky week 1 where the underdogs were 11-5 against the spread.

Headlines I thought we wouldn’t see:

“Tom Brady and the Patriots rally in the 4th to beat EJ Manuel and the Bills.”

“Ravens D give up 7 passing touchdowns.”

“Colts struggle to stop Terrelle Pryor.”

“Gino Smith leads the Jets to a game winning field goal.”

“Kaepernick throws for 400+.”

“Eagles blow past RG3.”

Now for headlines I thought we would see:

“Jags score 2 points in opener.”

“Chargers blow a 21 point lead in the second half.”

“Sean Payton flips off Roger Goodell.” (Not exactly true… yet) Read more

Everyone Thinks I’m a Racist (And Why That’s OK with Me)

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University of Alabama Everyone Thinks I’m a Racist (And Why That’s OK with Me)

The Wise Guise is honored to have Josh Sigler (a loyal reader and friend) join us today with a guest post. Josh attends the University of Alabama and is writing about the big sorority segregation story that has broken into national news this week.

He writes, “Since the article was released, we have discussed it at length in every single one of my classes and in every class, the attitude has been the same: WE ARE FED UP.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say something like, “I don’t care what they call us, as long as some good comes of it all!” I know the rest of the nation probably won’t believe me, but this campus is ALIVE today. 50 years later and this new generation is ready to do whatever it takes to replace the old and build a new campus that seeks justice and embraces freedom and equality for all.”

If you want to read the entire piece, click below! We’re honored to feature it on our site today.

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Follow Us on MemphiSport

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MSL logo2 1 Follow Us on MemphiSportWe just wanted to take a moment to share with you guys our partnership with our friends over at MemphiSport amongst other sites. While we at The Wise Guise aren’t going anywhere any time soon, several of us have had various opportunities to write for other various outlets and we wanted to be sure to share some of those posts with y’all.

Clayton is doing a weekly series on Tennessee football on MemphiSport and you can find his take on the Austin Peay game here and his thoughts on the Western Kentucky game here.

Warner wrote a piece on that can be found here on the possibility of Hugh Freeze leaving Ole Miss for the potentially soon-to-be-vacant Texas head coaching position. His reflections mean a lot for not only Ole Miss, but for a lot of non-top-tier football programs attempting to become better without having their coaches poached.

In non-sports related posts around the internet, Joseph Williams has recently written a fantastic post on the absurdity of higher education costs for PolicyMic that can be found here.

And in case you live under a rock and weren’t aware, our Bachelor/Bachelorette blogger, Liz Riggs, has her own fantastic blog with all sorts of entertaining thoughts that can be found here.

Again, The Wise Guise is still our home, we are just occasionally branching out on other venues and wanted to share some of these posts with you guys. We want to thank everyone who continues to read our site and are grateful to have the opportunities to branch out every now and then!

You’re Alone, I’m Alone, Let’s Celebrate… ALONE!

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Single Money You’re Alone, I’m Alone, Let’s Celebrate... ALONE!

[Author’s Note: As a professional single person, I thought it would be fun to start an occasional series focused around various aspects of riding solo. Before we delve into this, let it be known that I am in no way a lonely, sad person and most of this will be written in jest. So let’s have some fun, shall we?]

While meandering along the tranquil interstates during the Zen-inducing Memphis rush hour, a voice – well, three voices – enlightened my ears to a week of celebration previously unknown.

National Cancer Awareness Week? No. National Educators Week? Nope. National Read a Road Map Week? Nu uh.

The celebration focuses on embracing the wonders of aloneness: National Singles Week. Read more

9.11.2001 – Never Forget, Never Can, Never Will

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911 9.11.2001   Never Forget, Never Can, Never Will

I woke up this morning to a phone call from Mary. Most of my mornings start this way. Like most of us, she’s anxious in the morning about the day’s events and responsibilities. She’s anxious about what she’s doing that day. She’s curious about what I’m doing. So we chat for several minutes before we each start our day.

This morning, after our usual conversation, Mary asked me, “What’s today?”

She remembered. She’ll never forget. She can’t forget. She was only 12 years old, but she remembers 9-11-2001. She remembers the fears, the tears, and the confusion. She also remembers more clearly the bravery of the firemen and policemen. The bravery of the ordinary Americans. The sacrifice of our soldiers.

If all Americans only remembered as well as Mary does.


I still remember where I was that morning. In 9th grade at White Station High School in Memphis, TN, I had first period gym. I jogged over to the office to drop off the attendance. I saw the images of flaming buildings on the news. The secretaries’ faces were glazed over. I assumed it was an early morning movie on TBS or the latest schtick on The Daily Show. Then, I saw the CBS logo in the corner. I knew it was real. And I had goosebumps all over.

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