Movie Review: Dunkirk

When the credits roll on Christopher Nolan's latest film - a cinematic experience that brings the full scale of the Battle of Dunkirk to the big screen for the first time - the audience is left speechless. Unlike nearly all of his other films, it's not because you're trying Read more

Dream-Casting a Live-Action Little Mermaid for Disney

Perhaps no task is more difficult for a studio than casting a well-known franchise to match the sky-high expectations of fans. From novels to comic books to animated film remakes, Hollywood has had mixed results with the task; some have spent the big bucks to get the demanded stars, Read more

Best Movies of 2016: The 3rd Annual Groucho Awards

Welcome to the Third Annual Groucho Awards! This is my own platform to nominate and award the movies of my choosing, because it seems that far too often, the movies with the biggest campaigns get Oscar nominations and the little guys are left out in the cold. This year Read more

A compelling case that Corinne is six-years-old, and other Bachelor nonsense

  Written by: @jeremywilson412 In the words of Chris Harrison, "Coming up on this week's episode (recap) of The Bachelor..." The ladies receive their first real test, we pause to remember those we lost this week, I present a theory about Corinne that is bulletproof, and we discuss the contenders and pretenders. But Read more

I was not going to write about The Bachelor, but then...

(Written by: @JeremyWilson412) I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up in a shark costume convinced it was a dolphin costume. I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up who hooked up with Nick at Read more

What I Learned about Chris Pratt's Faith

Most of us have loved Chris Pratt since we first met him as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec. Then he made his dramatic debuts in Academy Award Best Picture nominees Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. The latter revealed that he could be an action star, so it came as no surprise Read more

Fantasy Survivor Update

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As we go into our first week as a merged tribe with 12 members fighting individually for themselves, let’s go to the SCOREBOARD.

Team Colin (Still Remaining: Mike, Sabrina, Kat, Troyzan): 18 points

Team Joseph (Still Remaining: Leif, Jonas, Kim, Jay) : 17 points

Team Clayton (Still Remaining: Chelsea, Tarzan, Christina): 15 points

It’s still anybody’s game as possible points up for grab increase in a big way now. A reminder of possible points still out there to be won:

Survivor Winner: 50 points.
Survivor Runner-Up: 20 points.
Survivor Third-Place: 12 points. (If the non-winning finalists both receive same number of final votes, each one is awarded 16 points, PGA Tournament style.)
If your player makes the jury, upon being voted out and joining the jury, they will receive: 5 points.
If your player wins an individual immunity challenge: 3 points.
If your player wins an individual reward challenge: 2 points.
If your player is selected by the winner of the individual reward challenge to also participate in the reward: 1 point.
Every episode your player survives gains them 1 additional point.

As you see, any of our three teams could still win this by a landslide and any of them could completely fall flat. Starting with this week’s episode, we’ll see a lot more points being “earned” each week and will see some bigger leads and lead changes.  Just like the 12 remaining contestants, the game ratchets up in big ways now.  Even though there has not been a season since Heroes vs. Villains with this much action pre-merge. Read more

Suggested Netflix Views – Week 2

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Welcome back! Last week I gave you your first five suggestions of things instantly streaming on Netflix. Let me reiterate since there was some confusion, these are not a part of any ranking or in any particular order. I have made a big list and these are just selections from my list. I hope you enjoy these and find something you haven’t seen! If you watch something from one of these lists let me know what you think! Read more

Tuesday’s with Tony: Tony’s Future Career

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I’ve got Tony’s future planned out post-NBA career. Motivational speaker/children’s book writer. He can thank me later, and I will take a smaller percentage than his current agent. What a deal.

I figured if Lebron James can have cartoon children’s series starring Lebron, Lebron, annnndddd Lebron, Tony’s knowledge and sageness could generate beaucoup de moolah (French minor in me coming out). His Twitter feed is peppered with inspirational tweets and motivating messages. I think he loves brightening his followers’ day. As you can tell, I’m positively affected by Tony’s tweets.

I also considered Life Coach as an occupation for Tony once he’s won a few championships with the Grizz, but we all know there is no such thing as a Life Coach. That’s a title created by college students who choose to pursue “independent studies” as their major. I laughed out loud at a girl one time in a study group when she said her goal was to become a Life Coach. I cynically asked if her compensation was in chewing gum and butt taps? She wasn’t too happy. Sadly, I know some day my psyche will hinge on the encouraging words of a Life Coach on day when I’m a professional golfer. Still don’t know why I keep capitalizing both words, guess it’s my futile attempt to substantiate that profession. Read more

Whitney Reisser: American Idol Performances Worth Idolizing

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Whitney here again with your latest dose of American Idol scoop.  This week’s post is going to be a little different from my first Idol Thoughts though.  Rather than review each of the remaining contestants’ performances from the last couple of weeks, I thought I would spend this week sharing my top 10 performances over the past 10 seasons.  As I said in my previous post, one of my favorite things to do is to re-watch old footage of Idol.  I’ve put a lot of thought into compiling my list, so if you’re looking for something to do while you’re bored at work on this pretty Monday, take a quick break and check out these performances.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Also, I would love to hear what your favorite performances are if I happened to leave yours off the list. Read more

Tiger Woods: Back To Business As Usual

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“He’s Back.” The cliche phrase of the day on Sunday. But you know what, they are right. I write this post as a former Tiger hater, Phil was my boy. My hatred stemmed from the have-nots, the things Tiger did better than him. I was jealous that my guy couldn’t perform as well under the pressure as Eldrick Woods.

When the proverbial “shit hit the fan” moment happened with Woods I was disappointed, not in the evidence revealed, but how he handled the pressure. Here was a man who was able to focus and wield shots with sheer will and thought; but after running into a tree and his scandalous truths revealed, he cowered more than Lebron in the 4th quarter. I yearned for Tiger to embrace his bad boy image, if fans could cheer and follow John Daly, surely they could pull for a pill poppin’ adulterer with worlds more talent. I wanted him to wear black, smoke cigarettes, curse, dominate, and just be himself. Read more

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

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Everyone hates the typical “book is better” guy. Everyone loves to get to be the “book is better” guy. I’m glad to be able to report after seeing the movie, I don’t have to be that guy.

I certainly don’t mean that as a knock on the book. I mean that more so to give the movie props. Look, they are going to cut things. They are going to change things. If you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s how they make movies out of novels.

I read the book a while ago when I found out there was a movie in the works. However, from the very first chapter I felt like I was reading a movie script. I felt like The Hunger Games was a book basically written to be a hit movie. It was like Suzanne Collins read Harry Potter and Twilight and saw the dollar signs and set off on her mission to make the next big thing. And she did.

For the most part it’s impossible to poorly turn an epic book set in its own world into a hit movie. The Hunger Games is basically unofficially set in the United States in the future, but it’s got enough dsytopian 1984 in it to make the setting its own entity for the purpose of the argument. Take the prior two examples given, throw in The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Blade Runner, Lord of the Flies, The Princess Bride, Children of Men, Planet of the Apes, The Chronicles of Narnia, Minority Report, etc. Not that it has never happened, but it’s unlikely to not turn a book like this into a successful film. Read more