The Bachelorette Finale: "Why'd You Make Love With Me?"

The Bachelorette finale is in the books. The journey is over. Andi found true love and happiness, and Nick’s hand-drawn storybook found the nearest dumpster in the Dominican Republic. But before we move on, I need to take care of two things. 1) I’m having a hard time writing this post Read more

The Binge-Worthy Shows of the Summer Season

The dog days are here. It’s hot. No need to be outside when it feels like absolute death. So what better to do than park it in front of the TV and catch up on some quality television programming before the Fall TV Season begins. Here are three picks to Read more

The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Recap & Final Rose Preview

Well, my experiment failed. I thought maybe if I stopped writing about this season that it would just go away. I got tired of Andi and her boy(z II men). I was tired of watching these men swaddled in scarves perusing some of this world’s greatest cities. But, I Read more

24: Live Another Day Finale

With the conclusion of another season of 24 (perhaps the last we'll ever see of Jack Bauer?), we bring in some longtime fans to discuss the finale, where the series may go from here, and how well this season lived up to the 24 we have come to know Read more

The Importance of Henderson, Tennessee (and all Hometowns)

   "Everybody has to have a hometown, Binghamton's mine. In the strangely brittle, terribly sensitive make-up of a human being, there is a need for a place to hang a hat or a kind of geographical womb to crawl back into, or maybe just a place that's familiar because that's Read more

Perspective on the New Ninja Turtles from an Emo Millennial

Today we are pumped to have a new guest contributor in Jonathan Schneck. Jonathan is the Director of New Media Innovations for the ACLJ/BeHeardProject.  He is the non-touring, semi retired, guitarist for the Grammy Nominated band Relient K. He has a Marketing Degree from Liberty University and lives in Read more

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The Bachelor Recap: All The Things We’ve Learned

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This week’s episode of The Bachelor was spectacularly awful.  To be honest, I could barely stand to watch the majority of it, as nobody says or does anything interesting, and I don’t find Sean to be ridiculously attractive (as it seems the rest of the country does).  Furthermore, the gratuitous shots of him in tank tops staring into the sun are starting to get a bit redundant.

Highlights of this episode? THE PREVIEWS.  Things we can learn from this episode?

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The Bachelorette: Season Finale Commentary

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 The Bachelorette: Season Finale Commentary

“Gang’s all here.”

I can’t sleep, guys.  It’s 4:00 in the morning, and somewhere Jef Holm is a future-daddy to TeenMomChildRicki.

First of all, I want to say that these recaps are not about being right.  They are, as you would suspect, also about finding true love.  Which is why I’ll still leave my phone number at the end of this one—and I’ll consider leaving my address.  Now, there won’t be tons of highlights from this episode, as I was too devastated to take serious notes, but I do have a few things to say.

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The Bachelorette – Episode Nine Commentary

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emily maynard and arie luyendyk 519x375 300x216 The Bachelorette   Episode Nine Commentary


Anyone who watches The Bachelorette knows that superlatives rule all, and that anyone can have three best days with three best guys. So, we got to hear about how Emily and Sweaty(Seeya!)Sean, Arie, and One-f-Jef had the absolute best days of their lives with the absolute best girl Emily who has made them feel like no one else in the world has ever in their whole lives and how they are madly, deeply, truly in love with her the most that a human can be, and how if this were the real world—wouldn’t this sort of weird-ass love rectangle be the cause of some serious scorn and maybe even illegal somewhere? Read more

Feeny Friday – “Class Pre-Union”

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th BoyMeetsWorld 109 ClassPre Union 300x245 Feeny Friday   Class Pre Union

Welcome back, Feeny fanatics!

Episode Title: “Class Pre-Union”  Originally aired November 26, 1993.

Episode Summary: Mr. Feeny gives an assignment to the class to predict where their life will be by their 20th class reunion, and a special guest appearance from a legendary Hall-of-Fame pitcher!

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Entertainment Inspirations: Summer with The Sandlot

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Sandlot Entertainment Inspirations: Summer with The Sandlot

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

I own approximately eight movies. Two of them are Baz Luhrmann films that I will speak of another time. Two are suspense thrillers. Two are 90s’ teen flicks. One is Shawshank Redemption. And the last, my dearies, is The Sandlot. Also known as the best movie ever made in the world. Read more

The Bachelorette: Episode Seven Commentary

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0625 chris twilight ob The Bachelorette: Episode Seven Commentary

“I wanna date you so hard and marry the f-ck out of you.”

These are the words One-F-Jef said to me last night during the latest installment of The Bachelorette.  You probably thought he was talking to Emily, but you were wrong.  His skinny jeans were looking at me.  And his outer wrist tattoo? That’s of my given name, Elizabeth.  In case you missed it.

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Feeny Friday – “The B-Team of Life”

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feeny at fence 300x225 Feeny Friday   The B Team of Life

This week’s Feeny Friday comes to us from Friend of The Wise Guise and regular guest blogger, Jay “Jayzor” Salato. Some call him Coach Jayzor. Some just call him Coach. Regardless, he’s back in America, back to living the summer life of a teacher, and back to spending regular time with Mr. Feeny himself. Enjoy this week’s Feeny Friday from him and, as always, here’s the video if you want to follow along at home… Happy Feeny Friday! Read all the way to the end to read the lyrics of a Jayzor original diddy in tribute to Boy Meets World, which holds a special place in Joseph and Jay’s best friendship as they began their friendship over watching Boy Meets World every Wednesday afternoon together.

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