Movie Review: Dunkirk

When the credits roll on Christopher Nolan's latest film - a cinematic experience that brings the full scale of the Battle of Dunkirk to the big screen for the first time - the audience is left speechless. Unlike nearly all of his other films, it's not because you're trying Read more

Dream-Casting a Live-Action Little Mermaid for Disney

Perhaps no task is more difficult for a studio than casting a well-known franchise to match the sky-high expectations of fans. From novels to comic books to animated film remakes, Hollywood has had mixed results with the task; some have spent the big bucks to get the demanded stars, Read more

Best Movies of 2016: The 3rd Annual Groucho Awards

Welcome to the Third Annual Groucho Awards! This is my own platform to nominate and award the movies of my choosing, because it seems that far too often, the movies with the biggest campaigns get Oscar nominations and the little guys are left out in the cold. This year Read more

A compelling case that Corinne is six-years-old, and other Bachelor nonsense

  Written by: @jeremywilson412 In the words of Chris Harrison, "Coming up on this week's episode (recap) of The Bachelor..." The ladies receive their first real test, we pause to remember those we lost this week, I present a theory about Corinne that is bulletproof, and we discuss the contenders and pretenders. But Read more

I was not going to write about The Bachelor, but then...

(Written by: @JeremyWilson412) I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up in a shark costume convinced it was a dolphin costume. I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up who hooked up with Nick at Read more

What I Learned about Chris Pratt's Faith

Most of us have loved Chris Pratt since we first met him as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec. Then he made his dramatic debuts in Academy Award Best Picture nominees Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. The latter revealed that he could be an action star, so it came as no surprise Read more


Roundtable: Entertainment Suggestions for Dog Days of Summer

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With the All-Star Game and NBA season over, the dog days of summer are upon us. It’s hot, there is a bit over a month until football, and there’s not a lot of great new TV on. So this week’s Roundtable will provide some suggestions for how you can entertain yourself while sipping on your sweet tea and trying to stay cool.

Feel free to answer any or all of these three questions for the roundtable.

– Which TV show would you recommend people should “binge-watch”? Whether it’s on Netflix or not, which show should people spend a week or few catching up on in a short period of time?

– What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? Which show are you kind of ashamed of watching, but you know if more people actually gave it a try, they’d be hooked too?

– What’s your favorite movie that no one has ever heard of? Which movie is that you love so much, but you’re shocked that most people have probably never heard of it?

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Roundtable: Greatest Celebrity Meltdown of All Time?

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In the era of the internet, social media, and 24/7 cable news, we have more coverage about celebrities and quicker spins to burn celebrities at the stake after scandals. Also, though, as we’ve seen with some movie stars and some politicians, returns to redemption can happen a lot quicker than in the past.

Regardless, celebrity scandals have always been a part of American history and have become more prominent every year over the past decade.

So this week’s roundtable is a simple one. Paula Deen and Amanda Bynes are the most recent celebrities to fall from the public’s graces. This week, we ask you…


Pro Wrestling’s nWo: The Rise, the Fall, and What Might Have Been

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Alex: Grappling with Greed – The Rise & Fall of the nWo

To the victors of war go the keys of history. To hear WWE talk about the Monday Night Wars today gives a somewhat warped view of why professional wrestling became a global phenomenon in the late 1990s. They’d like to have you believe it was their cleverly designed “Attitude Era” that was the primary cause of the boom.

And yet, that innovative period was actually in response to the great success their Southern-based rival, World Championship Wrestling, had enjoyed. With new WCW head Eric Bischoff in control, the company incorporated some interesting new tactics into its televised strategy, including live broadcasts every week.

The centerpiece of their skyrocketing ascension came in the form of the New World Order. The volatile group of black-and-white bad guys helped not only to bolster WCW to the top of the wrestling world, but also made Ted Turner’s once financially unstable organization a boatload of cash.

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Roundtable: Greatest American Celebrity?

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The Wise Guise prides itself on being patriotic and freedom-loving. Last year, we published an Independence Day Ode to American Pop Culture and a Freedom-Lovers Fourth of July Top 10 List. This year, we’ve had a fresh Ode to All Things America and now, our weekly roundtable discusses great Americans of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Topic: Who is the best American celebrity of all time? Which American famous person best represents all that makes America great? #LandoftheFree #HomeoftheBrave

You won’t want to miss who all our panel chose!

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Roundtable: What is the Best Summer Song?

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As summer officially begins, the SuperMoon arrives, the NBA Finals wrap up, summer movie season reaches its halfway point, the Supreme Court is out of session, and the dog days of summer approach, there’s really only one question we could have this week for The Wise Guise Roundtable. Read more

Wild & Crazy Mad Men Season Finale Predictions

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For whatever reason (most likely, because it’s nice to pull traffic-generating content out of thin air), the Internet has been abuzz for the past month or two with all manner of Mad Men conspiracy theories.  Because, like, OMG, Megan wore the same t-shirt as Sharon Tate and this show is totally not nuanced or subtle ever* and so clearly the only explanation is that she is, in fact, a zombie–I mean, Mad Men and The Walking Dead are on the same channel…connect the dots, sheep!


*In all fairness to the conspiracy theorists, the show, even at its best, doesn’t always steer around on-the-nose symbolism.  That said, the Sharon Tate t-shirt situation meaning that Megan would also be a pregnant actress murder victim seemed a bit too direct for a show that almost never tips its hand.

Anyway, in the spirit of all this rabid speculation, we present to you our top predictions for Sunday’s finale:

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