Movie Review: Dunkirk

When the credits roll on Christopher Nolan's latest film - a cinematic experience that brings the full scale of the Battle of Dunkirk to the big screen for the first time - the audience is left speechless. Unlike nearly all of his other films, it's not because you're trying Read more

Dream-Casting a Live-Action Little Mermaid for Disney

Perhaps no task is more difficult for a studio than casting a well-known franchise to match the sky-high expectations of fans. From novels to comic books to animated film remakes, Hollywood has had mixed results with the task; some have spent the big bucks to get the demanded stars, Read more

Best Movies of 2016: The 3rd Annual Groucho Awards

Welcome to the Third Annual Groucho Awards! This is my own platform to nominate and award the movies of my choosing, because it seems that far too often, the movies with the biggest campaigns get Oscar nominations and the little guys are left out in the cold. This year Read more

A compelling case that Corinne is six-years-old, and other Bachelor nonsense

  Written by: @jeremywilson412 In the words of Chris Harrison, "Coming up on this week's episode (recap) of The Bachelor..." The ladies receive their first real test, we pause to remember those we lost this week, I present a theory about Corinne that is bulletproof, and we discuss the contenders and pretenders. But Read more

I was not going to write about The Bachelor, but then...

(Written by: @JeremyWilson412) I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up in a shark costume convinced it was a dolphin costume. I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up who hooked up with Nick at Read more

What I Learned about Chris Pratt's Faith

Most of us have loved Chris Pratt since we first met him as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec. Then he made his dramatic debuts in Academy Award Best Picture nominees Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. The latter revealed that he could be an action star, so it came as no surprise Read more


Concert Review: Sigur Ros – Birmingham, AL – October 4, 2013

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Sigur Ros

Sigur Rós, if you aren’t familiar, is a band that is hard to explain. They’re Icelandic. They do not sing in English. The music they perform doesn’t easily fit into any specific genre. I couldn’t tell you much about what their songs are about or much about the individuals in the band.

But I can tell you that seeing them was a concert bucket-lister of mine that was checked off this past weekend. Read more

A Kickstarter, Just What Bankrupt Detroit Needed!

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Detroit Needs Robo Cop

It must have really been a slow news day. The Guardian, Huffington Post, and USA Today all released updates to a 2011 Kickstarter. This Kickstarter will serve and protect the city of Detroit–no, it isn’t funding for a team of bankruptcy lawyers. With Detroit’s recent Chapter 9 bankruptcy, you would think that a Kickstarter could be just what the city needs to fix its woes; however, this Kickstarter may be the only thing left standing as the city’s population continues to plummet. Read more

Music of the Moment: Electronic Femme-Pop

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To be honest, I made up the term electronic femme-pop. Or at least I think I did. I’ve never heard it used before. But I like the way it sounds.

I also really like the way the music sounds that I’ve placed within the new genre. For the past few months, the satellite radio station I listen to regularly (SiriusXM U) has been playing a good deal of music from three bands that I had never heard of before. The music is catchy, poppy, and upbeat and features lots of drum machines and synths. It sounds like something you would think came from the 1980s club scene.

I don’t know much about the individual bands, as two of them have yet to release a proper LP and one is releasing its first album in four years next week. But because the songs I have heard by these bands are all so enjoyable, I wanted to take some time and share their music with you as well as a little bit about the band.

Read more

Memphis Music Profile: 3artists1yard

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I sat down with Caleb Sigler of 3artists1yard recently to talk about the innovative initiative started by a group of Memphis musicians to showcase talented acts while bringing communities together. 

Tell me about how 3artists1yard got started. Explain the concept and how it came to be.

3artists1yard started in my back yard mid-summer 2012. We had just moved into my current house, and I wanted to play some music in my backyard. I called two good friends (Myla Smith & Noah Glenn) who are incredible local musicians, and we set up a PA and played music for our friends and neighbors. What everyone loved about it was how community-centric it felt. People sitting on blankets and lawn-chairs, talking and eating. Kids were dancing to the music, and everyone was just enjoying the night air. It was an awesome success, and a few other people asked if they could have the same kind of event in their backyard. This kind of snowballed, and we ended up booking a bunch more that summer. Due to the success we were having, we decided to make this more of an organized thing. The concept was simple enough: connect with a host family, bring three local artists/bands, set up an awesome party, invite a bunch of people. While every 3A1Y has been unique in attendance, vibe, etc. we have stuck to the basic rule of three artists in a yard (note: the term “artist” has now developed into bands and groups, and the term “yard” has become a bit more loose with whole neighborhoods booking us).

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Bright Spots: Oh Sweet Lorraine

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fred stobaugh

Earlier this week, Palmer sent me the story that I’d seen several other people post. It seemed to have created some buzz, but I had shirked it off as just the latest viral video of the day. I didn’t think it was anything special. I was very wrong.

The link was in an e-mail with simply the link and the subject line, “tears”. I opened the link and skimmed the story.

A 96 year-old man named Fred Stobaugh whose wife of 73 years had just passed away wrote a love song about her. Oh boy. Sounded like the subject line of the e-mail was warranted. But then, I became intrigued. The song was produced by a music studio in Fred’s town. Sounds good, but I was at work and I don’t think tears streaming down my face would be the most appropriate thing in the middle of the afternoon.

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Miley Mayhem: Missing the Primary Problem with the VMAs Scandal

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Miley Cyrus

I know, I know. You don’t want to read another word on Miley Cyrus’ now infamous Video Music Awards performance. I don’t blame you. That’s why I’ll attempt to keep this brief and get to the point of what most of the mainstream media seems to have missed.

Since the former “Hannah Montana” star stripped down in front of a Brooklyn crowd Sunday evening, the news cycle has been ranting non-stop on the “disturbed act” she put on for the world to see. Most of the comments ranged from “This is a call for help” to “The culture has gone to hell.”

And perhaps all of those statements apply. However, I think we’ve missed the most significant problem in this scandal of sorts. The real concern was highlighted in the comments made by this year’s big awards winner Justin Timberlake, who said Miley’s crazed number was OK and similar to displays made by Britney Spears and Madonna in years past. Read more