Roundtable: 2014 NBA Playoffs Preview

Spring has sprung, The Masters has come and gone, so now The Wise Guise and the sports world are focused on one thing: The NHL Playoffs -- er (clears throat), excuse me... THE NBA PLAYOFFS, BABY! The Grizzly Bears have nestled into the 7 seed and will face a familiar foe in Read more

He Said, She Said Movie Review: Veronica Mars

Joseph and Palmer were supporters of the Veronica Mars movie from its KickStarter's early beginnings. Now that the movie has come out, Joseph and Palmer give their reviews of the feature length reunion of one of the first shows they watched together as a married couple. Joseph: In its first weekend Read more

Bitten by the Green-Eyed Monster

We all fall victim to the green-eyed monster. It has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the first reference the green-eyed monster dates back hundreds of years to Shakespeare's Othello. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd Read more

My Weekend at The Masters: Bubba, History, and How It's Supposed to Be

It was clear on Saturday night how things were going to go, if you looked at Twitter, watched the Golf Channel, and listened to the pundits. On Sunday, here's how it was supposed to be… - Bubba Watson had only won 1 out of 14 tournaments that he had led Read more

Feeny Friday: First Girl Meets World Teaser Trailer

Happy Feeny Friday, you Feeny Fanatics! Today's post is as simple as it is wonderful - the first Girl Meets World teaser trailer is here. We are also getting more GMW cast photos, as well as confirmations that Feeny will be back for the pilot (premiering sometime this summer), Minkus will be back Read more

The Wise Guise Discuss Colbert Replacing Letterman

The news broke earlier today that Stephen Colbert would be replacing David Letterman on CBS's The Late Show.  The Wise Guise discussed it via our normal means - e-mail, text message, and Gchat. While some websites share celebrities' thoughts, we thought you'd be craving our thoughts, so fear not. Here Read more


Roundtable: Vanderbilt Fan Reactions to James Franklin Leaving

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franklinvandy Roundtable: Vanderbilt Fan Reactions to James Franklin Leaving

As James Franklin settles in as the new head coach at Penn State and Vanderbilt’s recruiting class continues to evaporate into thin air, I asked members of Commodore Nation to share their reflections, retrospectives, and/or rants about Franklin’s exit along with the past, present, and future of Vanderbilt football. First, I share my thoughts and then let other members of Commodore Nation speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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A Casual Fan’s Guide to Turkey Day Football

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NFL thanksgiving 576x370 A Casual Fans Guide to Turkey Day Football

Thanksgiving… great food, quality family time, exciting traditions, and reflecting on our many blessings since the previous Thanksgiving. What’s missing? Oh, right. Football.

Let’s face it. Regardless of whether your dad played for 15 years in the NFL or if your last name is Dewey and your family is famous for the creation of the exhilarating decimal system, you will end up watching some amount of football. You will.

I spoke to a few friends recently who are casual sports fans at best, and they all said that they will be watching football on Thursday. Do they want to? Not really. But they will because of two reasons: 1) They don’t have control of the remote (editor’s note: click the link and skip about halfway through for more on “remote warfare”), and 2) Dad/Grandpa/Older brother will play the parade card—“Listen, I already watched 4 hours of that stupid parade this morning! It’s time I get to watch whatever I want!” Guess what that “whatever I want” is? Yes, football.

So I come to you today with the Casual Football Watcher’s Guide to Turkey Day Football.

There are three NFL games on the schedule for Thursday. Green Bay @ Detroit (12:30 ET), Oakland @ Dallas (3:30 ET), and Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (7:30 ET). If these three games were being played on a Sunday at 1:00, I wouldn’t be excited for them. Instead, we’ll watch a large portion of all three games after we find our favorite pair of pants with that generous elastic waist.

I will give you 4 categories for each game: 1) Alcohol Selection—what you should be drinking (if you choose to, of course) during that particular game, 2) What to Point out to your Mom—if you’re a sports fan, you need to keep others in the room interested. The x’s and o’s of the game won’t do it, so this will provide you material to keep people’s interest as high as possible, 3) Fantasy Players to Watch—hopefully your family has a competitive league going, so this will highlight who you should keep an eye on, and 4) Which team would be the pilgrim and which would be the Native Americans—part of it had to be Thanksgiving themed, right? Read more

Vanderbilt Football Anchors Down in The Swamp

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celebration Vanderbilt Football Anchors Down in The Swamp

Smiles from ear to ear. Fist-pumping. Chanting “Anchor Down”, “Brand New Vanderbilt”, and love for Coach James Franklin. Mockingly doing the Gator Chomp.

But at this point in this season, I can’t help but wonder if this is just the status quo of Vanderbilt football from here on out. The past is firmly behind us. The sky is the limit. As our old friend Kevin Garnett said, “Anything is possible!”

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NFL Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Picks

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NFL Logo1 NFL Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Picks

Week 1 round up:

Let’s recap a wacky week 1 where the underdogs were 11-5 against the spread.

Headlines I thought we wouldn’t see:

“Tom Brady and the Patriots rally in the 4th to beat EJ Manuel and the Bills.”

“Ravens D give up 7 passing touchdowns.”

“Colts struggle to stop Terrelle Pryor.”

“Gino Smith leads the Jets to a game winning field goal.”

“Kaepernick throws for 400+.”

“Eagles blow past RG3.”

Now for headlines I thought we would see:

“Jags score 2 points in opener.”

“Chargers blow a 21 point lead in the second half.”

“Sean Payton flips off Roger Goodell.” (Not exactly true… yet) Read more

2013 NFL Season Preview & Week 1 Picks

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NFL Logo1 2013 NFL Season Preview & Week 1 Picks

Professional football is back! I’m not talking about “amateur” athletes being paid like professionals— *coughJohnnyFootballcough*. I’m talking about real, professional, NFL football!

Last season featured suspended Saints, rookie quarterback explosions—Luck, RG3, Russell Wilson, Tannehill, Brandon Weeden (jk)- PED bans, the Ray Lewis farewell tour, Kaepernick taking over, the rise of the NFC West, Peyton returning to his Peyton ways, Colts using their #chuckstrong magic to make the postseason, a player nicknamed “Muscle Hampster,” the Mark Sanchez butt fumble, Joe Flacco’s hail mary, brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl, Beyonce reuniting with Destiny’s Child, the lights in the Superdome going out for 30 minutes (probably by the bitter Saints), Jacoby Jones’ kickoff return TD, the 49ers comeback, and the Ravens final redzone stop.


2013 has a lot to live up to, but it’s already off to a quick start. The Aaron Hernandez situation, Tebow making a pit stop in New England, the Ravens trading away their entire attempt at a Super Bowl defense (much like the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks), HBO’s Hard Knocks turning us all into partial Bengals fans, RG3’s miraculous recovery time from a torn ACL, the Saints back in action, and much more.

Are you ready for some football? I know I am.

Here is my quick shakedown on how I see each division playing out in 2013…

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NFL Preseason: Don’t Watch Within 100 Yards of Your Fantasy Strategy

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nfl fantasy football NFL Preseason: Dont Watch Within 100 Yards of Your Fantasy StrategyAustin Rissler is a Wise Guise Roundtable contributor, great friend, and Fantasy Football commissioner for a couple of The Wise Guise. He’s joining as a regular contributor this season, writing regular Fantasy Football columns discussing statistics, strategies, anecdotes, and even fielding reader questions and awarding players throughout the season. His research is unmatched and he is the least least-legitimate person to ramble on about things that have zero bearing on real life! Enjoy his first column, discussing the NFL preseason and some draft temptations you should avoid…

The NFL Preseason is underway and with it comes the annual opportunity for diehard Fantasy enthusiasts to dissect each and every box score we can get our hands on.  What I am going to beg each and every one of you to do is this: do not overreact.

I understand the temptation—I really do. We’re starved for football. It’s been more than six months since Ray Lewis hoisted the Lombardi and you can only watch so much baseball before your wife insists it’s time that your Sunday afternoons include some shopping with her. This is our first chance to get an actual look at the 2013 squads (more or less) and see if the raw talents of Saturday nights can become savvy picks for Sunday glory.

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Marrying into a Winning Tradition

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w620 af81d241cf08686b28eb7ceed36ff6e3 Marrying into a Winning Tradition

If you read my piece from this time last year that chronicled my Ole Miss Football fandom, then you know that I didn’t grow up as much of a college football fan, and that unfortunately Ole Miss has not provided a consistent winning tradition for me to cheer on since I decided to enroll there and developed an intense passion for the game. Things are looking up for the Rebels, but big time seasons could still be a year or two away.

Luckily, I have had the opportunity over the past five years to adopt a new team, one that does have a consistent winning tradition, as my own. And it feels pretty good. Read more