Bitten by the Green-Eyed Monster

We all fall victim to the green-eyed monster. It has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the first reference the green-eyed monster dates back hundreds of years to Shakespeare's Othello. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd Read more

My Weekend at The Masters: Bubba, History, and How It's Supposed to Be

It was clear on Saturday night how things were going to go, if you looked at Twitter, watched the Golf Channel, and listened to the pundits. On Sunday, here's how it was supposed to be… - Bubba Watson had only won 1 out of 14 tournaments that he had led Read more

Feeny Friday: First Girl Meets World Teaser Trailer

Happy Feeny Friday, you Feeny Fanatics! Today's post is as simple as it is wonderful - the first Girl Meets World teaser trailer is here. We are also getting more GMW cast photos, as well as confirmations that Feeny will be back for the pilot (premiering sometime this summer), Minkus will be back Read more

The Wise Guise Discuss Colbert Replacing Letterman

The news broke earlier today that Stephen Colbert would be replacing David Letterman on CBS's The Late Show.  The Wise Guise discussed it via our normal means - e-mail, text message, and Gchat. While some websites share celebrities' thoughts, we thought you'd be craving our thoughts, so fear not. Here Read more

Warner's WrestleMania Weekend: A Retrospective on an Amazing Event

It’s tough to sum up my feelings around my first WrestleMania weekend after hearing of the Ultimate Warrior’s death late last night. He was one in a million, a superhero to millions of kids in the early 90s, but most importantly, after hearing him speak at the WWE Hall Read more


Inside the historic Chelsea Market building in New York City sits a 900-square-foot room at the offices of Major League Baseball Advanced Media – the nerve center of Major League Baseball’s expanded replay system. Last winter, the thirty clubs of Major League Baseball (MLB) unanimously approved the expansion of Read more


Roundtable: It’s a Wonderful Life SEQUEL?!?!?!?!

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Its A Wonderful Life Roundtable: Its a Wonderful Life SEQUEL?!?!?!?!

It’s the latest sign that the End of the World may be upon us… Paramount announced yesterday that they are green-lighting a sequel to perennial Christmas film, AFI-voted most inspirational film of all time, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The Wise Guise and friends have some thoughts. Some very strong thoughts and feelings.

Alex: I just posted this online, but Paramount’s doing a sequel to “It’s a Wonderful Life” in 2015. [cries]

Joseph: I saw that. I hoped it was a lie and thought it was a joke. They’re casting the actress who played ZuZu as an angel, who visits George Bailey’s unlikeable grandson to show him how much better off the world would be HAD HE NEVER BEEN BORN! How wonderful is THAT life? Why? They claim that they always wanted to do a sequel, but rejected every script until they got this one. WHAT? They rejected every script because this idea is terrible.

zuzu and george bailey Roundtable: Its a Wonderful Life SEQUEL?!?!?!?!

Clayton: Oh boy.

Joseph: This is gross. This is horrible. So much anger. Never has there been more evidence our current society is much more Pottersville than Bedford Falls…

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Movie Reviews: 12 Years a Slave

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One of the most-talked about films of the year and frontrunners for Best Picture is Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave”. Starring a myriad of actors in small roles and based upon a true story of a free black man enslaved for 12 years in the 1840s and 1850s, it is a film unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Alex and Joseph each present their thoughts.

Alex Beene – Examining an Instant Classic: What makes “12 Years a Slave” Great

I suppose I should start with some elaborate explanation as to why you’re just now reading a Wise Guise recap of “12 Years a Slave.” Steve McQueen’s sprawling historical drama has been in theaters for weeks, garnering universal acclaim from critics, strong awards buzz and – not surprisingly – some walk-outs from audience members not anticipating such intensity in its filmmaking.

In reality, we’re just a group of busy Southerners who have a hard time being able to keep ourselves grounded at a computer long enough to reflect on such an experience. And yet, perhaps that additional time given to ponder on this masterpiece of a film helps in attempting to detail why this historical recap on one of slavery’s darkest stories is an essential lesson for Americans eager to get a brutally realistic take on a once-divided nation.

12years1 Movie Reviews: 12 Years a Slave

For “12 Years a Slave’s” true accomplishment is not in providing a by-the-books overview of Civil War-era America, but rather in giving viewers a very intimate story of one man’s stunning story of survival. Once-free Northerner Solomon Northup, brilliantly portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, is drugged and thrown into the ownership of Southern landowners. The setting is perfect for a bombastic melodrama over the battle for rights and acceptance.

Yet, McQueen ignores the common plight of other films in the genre. More than anything, this is about survival. Northup spends little time screaming about his freedom and instead utilizes most of his life as a slave simply trying to live until the next day.

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Roundtable: Thoughts on Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah”

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215952 darren aronofsky noah russell crowe emma watson ray winstone Roundtable: Thoughts on Darren Aronofskys Noah

[Editor's Note: I'm a big fan of Aronofsky. I LOVED The Fountain and thought Black Swan, though imperfect, was extremely creative and captivating. So I was disappointed when Aronofsky dropped as the director of the second Wolverine film. But then I was intrigued when I found out he was directing a film about the Old Testament tale of Noah's Ark. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to see how this would be. And, with the premiere of the first trailer, I'm still not sure. So I did what I do with many things… sent the trailer to some of my smartest and funniest friends to get their thoughts. It would have been selfish of me not to share these with you. - Joseph]

Joseph: From the man who brought us Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, and Black Swan



Some context is helpful for what the rumored problems with the early screenings have been.

Seth: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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Alex Beene’s Guide to Being a Southern Gentleman – Part One: The Excuses Edition

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pic1 Alex Beene’s Guide to Being a Southern Gentleman – Part One: The Excuses Edition

I admit it: I’m a Southern Gentleman. In this day and age, that can be taboo to admit. I would say the vast majority of young males I confront fall far from the definition. And in the modern era, it’s easy to see why.

We’re a society built on impulse. Before we even know what the app does for our phone, we’re already downloading it. Most guys find themselves carrying ladies to the bedroom when they barely know their names. They think the digital world should operate on their time table and get quickly angered when they don’t get an immediate response through text or social media (“My Instagram pic only got 2 likes in one hour? Time to take that sucker down!”).

Oh yes, and they don’t worry about sending out resumes. Just wait for mom or dad to connect me with that job interview, where I’ll leisurely brisk in wearing the “nice Sunday clothes” mom got me for Christmas, expecting to land that hot-paying job with a diploma and stained bow-tie I wore in college.

If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned positions, now is the time to change trajectory. It’s not only these things though; most older Southern guys are labeled as gentlemen incorrectly. Just because you attended the University of Alabama, were in a fraternity, and go back to all the home football games with your plastic surgeried-to-hell wife does not a gentleman make.

I’ve decided to make a guide to resolve some of these issues. I expect intense debate. I also expect many young males to just roll their eyes and say, “Eh, this is some GQ-reading, metrosexual liberal Northerner telling me how to live.” If you guessed this, the only thing you got right was the GQ-reading part. And I don’t even read it every month.

So, let’s begin, shall we? In this installment, I’d like to start with three excuses you’ll often find made by Southern males that are not things true gentlemen would say.

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Sacrificing Story for Money

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header Sacrificing Story for Money

A novelist writes a story. When the book ends, so does the story.

A film director directs a story. When the movie ends, so does the story.

But television is a whole different ball game.

So much has been said over the past decade about this being TV’s golden age, about how you can develop characters and stories over years and seasons, and how viewers can really form bonds with these people that they spend an hour or so with per week for X amount of years. And I get that. Trust me. My relationship with Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach and Riggins and Saracen and the gang was deeper than some of my closest friendships.

But the downside of television’s ability to draw out character development and storytelling over years and seasons – and in some cases decades – is this risk of running a show straight into the ground.

The following is a list of shows I have watched or am watching and what their ultimate end should be or should have been:

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New Vandy Comedy Sketch Artist’s Quest to Define Sororities

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Screen Shot 2013 11 13 at 3.33.10 PM 1024x640 New Vandy Comedy Sketch Artists Quest to Define Sororities

With Vanderbilt’s 5-4 football team garnering national attention today with a new profile by Chris Low on, Vanderbilt is starting to go viral in another way as well.

Beginning to pick up viral momentum, Foolin’ Around Vandy’s latest YouTube video is called “The Sorority Report.” It’s a basic concept executed beautifully – a sophomore at Vandy dresses up like a character from the universe of Wes Anderson and dead-pan interviews people all over campus, striving to learn all there is to know about sororities.

There are some moments of comic genius here, including an excellent not-so-subtle jab at Vanderbilt’s all-comers policy.


Movie Review: The Counselor

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the counselor 1 Movie Review: The Counselor

[Today, we're honored to have a guest contributor review "The Counselor", the Ridley Scott-directed, Cormac McCarthy-penned film with the all-star cast and less-than-stellar reviews. Don't miss what R. Rooney Roux, CSA has to say about this movie dividing so many critics and viewers alike.]

Knowing how difficult it may be to pass up a Ridley Scott directed film featuring Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, and Michael Fassbender, I, nonetheless, encourage you, entreat you, implore you to do just that.

How does a premiere writer-director team take such incredible screen talent and produce such a travesty of a film?  Primarily, they use a tired, unoriginal plotline of pretty boy lawyer-type wants more.  The namesake of the film has it all.  Plenty of money from a successful law practice, brand new Bentley convertible coupe and the love of his life – the beautiful, sexy, you could even say “perfect” Laura, played by Cruz.  But of course, it’s not enough.  He’s got to have lots more and in the process places Laura in the crosshairs of all the Juans, Pedros, Manolitos and Chingons that work south and north of the Rio Grande.  So take on a couple more clients, you idiot.  No, I think I’ll make a big hit and jump in bed with some Mexican Drug Lords.  Even after he is told over and over not to do it by the guys who know what happens when one lies down in a bed of rattlesnakes, he smugly says, “I’m in.”   Everyone in the theatre knew he was thinking ‘how bad can they really be?’  How bad can these people be?  Can you say beheading and snuff film?

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