Movie Review: Dunkirk

When the credits roll on Christopher Nolan's latest film - a cinematic experience that brings the full scale of the Battle of Dunkirk to the big screen for the first time - the audience is left speechless. Unlike nearly all of his other films, it's not because you're trying Read more

Dream-Casting a Live-Action Little Mermaid for Disney

Perhaps no task is more difficult for a studio than casting a well-known franchise to match the sky-high expectations of fans. From novels to comic books to animated film remakes, Hollywood has had mixed results with the task; some have spent the big bucks to get the demanded stars, Read more

Best Movies of 2016: The 3rd Annual Groucho Awards

Welcome to the Third Annual Groucho Awards! This is my own platform to nominate and award the movies of my choosing, because it seems that far too often, the movies with the biggest campaigns get Oscar nominations and the little guys are left out in the cold. This year Read more

A compelling case that Corinne is six-years-old, and other Bachelor nonsense

  Written by: @jeremywilson412 In the words of Chris Harrison, "Coming up on this week's episode (recap) of The Bachelor..." The ladies receive their first real test, we pause to remember those we lost this week, I present a theory about Corinne that is bulletproof, and we discuss the contenders and pretenders. But Read more

I was not going to write about The Bachelor, but then...

(Written by: @JeremyWilson412) I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up in a shark costume convinced it was a dolphin costume. I wasn’t going to write about The Bachelor this year, but then a girl showed up who hooked up with Nick at Read more

What I Learned about Chris Pratt's Faith

Most of us have loved Chris Pratt since we first met him as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec. Then he made his dramatic debuts in Academy Award Best Picture nominees Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. The latter revealed that he could be an action star, so it came as no surprise Read more


Discovery Through Questions

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Growing up in an environment where you are constantly being taught things in a community where you are constantly pressured to conform creates moments where one inevitably questions everything. You might question why you are in the environment in the first place, or why you follow what every other person in the environment is doing. You start wondering and coming up with answers as to how or why something is done. OR, you might even ask yourself if it is okay to question these things. Read more

Seeing The Gospel in Dead Poets Society

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Dead Poets Society

This post was written after viewing the movie, Dead Poets Society. If you do not want to spoil the movie before seeing it for yourself, it is recommended that you read this after viewing one of the best movies of all time. 

Watching movies is a particular past-time that I thoroughly enjoy. Good movies, anyway. Recently, I had the opportunity to re-watch a movie that I am quite fond of – Dead Poets Society. Being one of my favorite movies, it captured all of my attention and had me thinking about it well after the credits rolled. Actually, this time, I saw a new side of the story.

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What Could Have Been: Louie Giglio & Obama’s Inauguration

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As 2013 gets started, we’re honored at The Wise Guise to not only add new contributors and guest writers, but also expand the topics we cover, questions we raise, and issues discussed. Today’s post is written by one of Joseph’s best friends in law school, Parker Hancock. We hope Parker will continue to contribute to The Wise Guise. Today’s post stems from some current events that Parker and Joseph discussed in detail recently as they caught up during the first week of the new semester.

Today, silently simmering below the lead stories on firearm accessories and commemorative coins was a story about an evangelical pastor asked to give the benediction at Obama’s inauguration, who had to step down because of a fifteen-year old sermon on homosexuality. It was a tremendously hopeful story that has turned tragic. The story really starts in 1997.

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Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

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Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook. **** out of 4. Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, and reintroducing Chris Tucker. Written and Directed by David O. Russell. 

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Blogposts of Christmas Past Circa 2006

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For those of you who frequent The Wise Guise  often, you know that I have published writings from younger versions of myself. As Clayton has commissioned me to write a series of Christmas posts, I thought it would be time once again to go to the archives. After my first Christmas post of 2012 yesterday, I thought it would be time to share with you some writings from 2006 Joseph, who was a sophomore in college at the time. My original plan was to edit the writings, make them better both in writing style and to better reflect the person I am today and the perspectives I’ve gained from graduating, teaching, and getting married and starting “adult” life. My goal was to make them less cheesy, less corny, and hopefully better. But that would have required work and I quickly realized it would have been a difficult venture. Whereas I feel Christmas time and Christmas joy are often about connecting with the pure of heart and the childlike wonder at both the birth of Christ and the magic of Christmas, I decided to publish the two Facebook notes as they were originally published and still sit deep within the Facebook archives. Ironically, these were my first attempts at blog-like writing and Clayton posted comments on both of them. It should have been a sign we were destined to blog together. So, without further ado, I present to you two Facebook notes I wrote about my love of Christmas back in the fall/winter of 2006. Unedited and as cheesy as they’ve ever been. Enjoy!

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Why We Need Christmas w/ Christmas YouTube Hall of Fame

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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Clayton has commissioned me, as King of Christmas Joy, to write a good number of Christmas posts. And that is going to happen. I’d planned on starting on Friday before leaving for a few days experiencing Christmas time in New York City.  While I was beginning this post, the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut happened. As I was plugged in, absorbing the news (true and false) as it rolled in, I was in no place and it was no time to post about Christmas joy during the holidays.  It was one of the most tragic days I can ever remember in our country in my lifetime.

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