Movie Review: Dunkirk

When the credits roll on Christopher Nolan's latest film - a cinematic experience that brings the full scale of the Battle of Dunkirk to the big screen for the first time - the audience is left speechless. Unlike nearly all of his other films, it's not because you're trying Read more

Dream-Casting a Live-Action Little Mermaid for Disney

Perhaps no task is more difficult for a studio than casting a well-known franchise to match the sky-high expectations of fans. From novels to comic books to animated film remakes, Hollywood has had mixed results with the task; some have spent the big bucks to get the demanded stars, Read more

Best Movies of 2016: The 3rd Annual Groucho Awards

Welcome to the Third Annual Groucho Awards! This is my own platform to nominate and award the movies of my choosing, because it seems that far too often, the movies with the biggest campaigns get Oscar nominations and the little guys are left out in the cold. This year Read more

A compelling case that Corinne is six-years-old, and other Bachelor nonsense

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I was not going to write about The Bachelor, but then...

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What I Learned about Chris Pratt's Faith

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Assorted Wisdom

Remembering My Grandma

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On Christmas night, 2013, my grandmother, Roselyn Joyce Ball, passed away at the age of 85. We received the call after dinner in Memphis, as we were preparing to open presents with my family in Memphis. I had the honor to have a great 30 minute phone conversation with her the week before she passed. We were planning on going to visit her in Springfield, Missouri on December 26th. We still made the journey to my mother’s hometown in the heartland of America, but instead of celebrating with her, we celebrated her life instead. After Jeremy shared his reflections on his grandmother’s life earlier this year, I thought the best way to commemorate my Grandma’s life would be to share the eulogy I gave at her funeral. Goodbye, Grandma. I’ll miss you, but I’ll see you later.

It only feels appropriate that we gather here today, a few days after Christmas, to mourn, remember, lay to rest, and celebrate the life of Grandma. Many of us knew her by different names.

Rosalyn. Joyce. Mom. Grandma. Wild Crazy Grandma… the nickname Derek gave her because we always joked with her that she dressed up nicer than everyone else for her Oasis Ministry (the seniors ministry at their church) adventures, which I always said were just her and Grandpa’s excuse to party like rockstars. Grandma took that as a badge of honor.


But it’s only appropriate that we are here after Christmas because it was this time of the year in which her family would always gather around Grandma and Grandpa and spend quality time together. I have many memories of opening presents on Christmas morning and then hopping in the car within 24 hours to go to Springfield. Or sometimes Grandma and Grandpa would come to Memphis at Christmas time.

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In Defense of Shopping on Thanksgiving Day

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Shopping Crowd

From the moment major retailers started announcing they’d open their doors at 5 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, I knew there would be a backlash coming. Sure enough, just hours later I began to see these supposedly compassionate posts on all social media urging us to stay at home with our families and avoid this “evil corporate scheme.”

Well, I’m here to say you can all have fun sitting at home and doing nothing. I’m heading to the stores at 5 p.m. to get some deals. Yes, I have a family. Yes, it’s nice to see them each year on Thanksgiving. Some of them, at least. Read more

This Week’s Least-Shocking Headlines

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When browsing various websites to catch up on the latest news, I always encounter a few headlines that seem so obvious. Usually more obvious than crayons being colorful, water being wet, or fire being hot. I put together a short list of this week’s headlines that jumped out as the least surprising stories.

Our first headline comes to us from the fine people at NBC Chicago: Read more

Alex Beene’s Guide to Being a Southern Gentleman – Part Two: How to Handle Relationships

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I know, I know. For some of you, part one was too income-heavy. I’m not going to backtrack my views on the things covered; brands and travel are essential parts to your gentleman repertoire. However, if entry-level employment or graduate school has temporarily blocked the funding of those parts, don’t be discouraged. You can always get to those a little later with hard work and dedication to your goals.

Today’s topic is something you can fortunately do (for the most part) without a big wallet. Treating other human beings with love and respect is a time-honored tradition, especially in the South. It’s through this treatment you form relationships. This may seem like basic knowledge to many of you, but one look at the dating scene these days, and you’ll realize it isn’t for most.

There’s also a collision of cultures at play in the South. The younger generation nationwide seems less interested in terms like “long-term” and “commitment.” Sure, polls show they still want to walk down the aisle at some point, but they’d rather wait around to do such. That notion of waiting can prove intimidating in the South, though, where you’ll find marriage still starts fairly young for many couples.

What’s an aspiring Southern gentleman to do? As someone who isn’t hitched yet (I know as of writing this I’ll received dozens of offers sent to my e-mail in the hours ahead), I can only speak from what I’ve seen in my personal life and other friends’ relationships that worked. Oh yes, and those things that didn’t. Let’s cover the essentials. Read more

Alex Beene’s Guide to Being a Southern Gentleman – Part One: The Excuses Edition

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I admit it: I’m a Southern Gentleman. In this day and age, that can be taboo to admit. I would say the vast majority of young males I confront fall far from the definition. And in the modern era, it’s easy to see why.

We’re a society built on impulse. Before we even know what the app does for our phone, we’re already downloading it. Most guys find themselves carrying ladies to the bedroom when they barely know their names. They think the digital world should operate on their time table and get quickly angered when they don’t get an immediate response through text or social media (“My Instagram pic only got 2 likes in one hour? Time to take that sucker down!”).

Oh yes, and they don’t worry about sending out resumes. Just wait for mom or dad to connect me with that job interview, where I’ll leisurely brisk in wearing the “nice Sunday clothes” mom got me for Christmas, expecting to land that hot-paying job with a diploma and stained bow-tie I wore in college.

If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned positions, now is the time to change trajectory. It’s not only these things though; most older Southern guys are labeled as gentlemen incorrectly. Just because you attended the University of Alabama, were in a fraternity, and go back to all the home football games with your plastic surgeried-to-hell wife does not a gentleman make.

I’ve decided to make a guide to resolve some of these issues. I expect intense debate. I also expect many young males to just roll their eyes and say, “Eh, this is some GQ-reading, metrosexual liberal Northerner telling me how to live.” If you guessed this, the only thing you got right was the GQ-reading part. And I don’t even read it every month.

So, let’s begin, shall we? In this installment, I’d like to start with three excuses you’ll often find made by Southern males that are not things true gentlemen would say.

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Maybe I’m the only one who’s been seeing this (which would be totally super awkward), but does it seem like we’re over-celebrating awkwardness in our culture today? I’m all for pointing out awkward interactions, laughing them off, and then moving past them into meaningful social interactions, but is that what’s actually happening here, or is there a more sinister, anti-social undercurrent at work?

What is awkwardness?

In laymen’s terms, awkwardness is the feeling we get when people aren’t on the same page socially. Technically speaking, awkwardness is the recognition of mismatched cultural habits between people within a social interaction.

Why awkwardness is necessary:

People are not identical. In order for humans to interact, there must be give and take. Awkwardness helps us sense social differences so that we can translate for them. The degree of awkwardness varies with every interaction, but the need to relate to each other is typically enough to keep us moving forward.

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