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Eat Delicious Chili, Help a Great Memphis Organization!

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Local businesses, families, and restaurants all joining together to offer up various chili recipes in a competition. The classic fall chili-cook-off. And this weekend in Memphis, you have the opportunity to go to one of the best chili-cook-offs you could go to for one of the best causes you could help.

How We Met the Mother

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Hey kids. Take a seat and let me tell you a story. It was the fall of 2005. I had just graduated from high school that past spring. Friends had been off the air for over a year. My generation had watched the last few seasons of Friends, and in the last few years of high school, we’d fallen in love with that crew and their more cynical (and funnier) NBC Thursday night pals on Seinfeld in syndication on TBS. And while Friends and Seinfeld continued …

Memphis Music Profile: 3artists1yard

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I sat down with Caleb Sigler of 3artists1yard recently to talk about the innovative initiative started by a group of Memphis musicians to showcase talented acts while bringing communities together.  Tell me about how 3artists1yard got started. Explain the concept and how it came to be. 3artists1yard started in my back yard mid-summer 2012. We had just moved into my current house, and I wanted to play some music in my backyard. I called two good friends (Myla Smith & …

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Season Preview

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It’s that time again. That’s right – there are two magical times a year in which a brand new batch of Americans get “marooned” in a remote location that is nearly always an island in a tropical locale. For those of you who haven’t been so lucky to see my blog posts in the past discussing “Why Survivor is Still Relevant”, Survivor Fantasy Teams, and game play analysis, welcome to my guiltiest of pleasures. Either you’re a skeptic and you’re …

Why Conservatives Should Support Common Core

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As a conservative Republican, there are many complaints I have against President Obama’s leadership and our expanding federal government. Whether it is the Internal Revenue Service’s unconstitutional targeting of conservative groups, more tax hikes than spending cuts, or rising health care costs even after the passing of ObamaCare, the federal government under President Obama has been expanding, with very little to show for it. But I’m saddened when some fellow conservatives criticize Common Core State Standards as another example of …

9.11.2001 – Never Forget, Never Can, Never Will

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I woke up this morning to a phone call from Mary. Most of my mornings start this way. Like most of us, she’s anxious in the morning about the day’s events and responsibilities. She’s anxious about what she’s doing that day. She’s curious about what I’m doing. So we chat for several minutes before we each start our day. This morning, after our usual conversation, Mary asked me, “What’s today?” She remembered. She’ll never forget. She can’t forget. She was …

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