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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo in Hobbiton

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I am in a fantasy league centered on The Bachelor. There, I said it. When I moved to Nashville in early January, a few of my friends had a group of people that they watched The Bachelor with, and I was fortunate enough to be adopted into this inner circle of reality TV watchers. We then decided to make things interesting and created a fantasy league for this season. We had a draft after the first episode, giving all nine …

10 Thoughts from Sochi: Week 1

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I had a sour taste in my mouth in the weeks leading up to the Winter Olympics. I was bothered that all of my shows were taking long break– minus a certain reality show that comes on ABC on Mondays. I was annoyed by the cross-country skiing commercials. Who cares which kind of Greek yogurt these athletes eat? Fast forward to the opening ceremony, and now I find myself wanting more detail about how many Greek yogurts the athletes are …

A Casual Fan’s Guide to Turkey Day Football

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Thanksgiving… great food, quality family time, exciting traditions, and reflecting on our many blessings since the previous Thanksgiving. What’s missing? Oh, right. Football. Let’s face it. Regardless of whether your dad played for 15 years in the NFL or if your last name is Dewey and your family is famous for the creation of the exhilarating decimal system, you will end up watching some amount of football. You will. I spoke to a few friends recently who are casual sports …

This Week’s Least-Shocking Headlines

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When browsing various websites to catch up on the latest news, I always encounter a few headlines that seem so obvious. Usually more obvious than crayons being colorful, water being wet, or fire being hot. I put together a short list of this week’s headlines that jumped out as the least surprising stories. Our first headline comes to us from the fine people at NBC Chicago:

Dear Homeland

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Dear Homeland, I hope this letter finds you well. I began writing this after the second episode, but then I thought I was jumping the gun and being a bit too harsh. I thought that it wasn’t fair to judge a show so quickly that has such a strong history. However, after watching episode three, I can’t hold back anymore. Homeland… you know when you’re reading a book and you catch yourself zoning out? Then, you have to go back …

My Grandmother: Remembering Grams

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Ever since receiving the call from my dad telling me that Grams had passed away, I have been constantly reflecting on how I would define my grandmother. This process has produced both tears and laughter, as Norma was truly one of a kind. Here’s a list of all the roles my grandmother played in my life as well as others who were fortunate enough to spend time with her… My grandmother was a faithful fan. I can hardly remember a …