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A Test Drive With The Hamburglar

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I got into a car with a salesman for a test drive one afternoon. As we took off, I asked him where I should go—basically wondering if there was a usual route. The salesman, let’s call him Jose, told me “take a right out of the parking lot because there’s a Wendy’s down the street.” An odd statement? Yes, but this was just the beginning.

New Member of The Wise Guise Introduction – Jeremy Wilson

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We are excited to announce the first of several new additions to The Wise Guise crew in Jeremy Wilson! Jeremy has joined us several times before covering various topics and we’re glad to have his commitment to join us now on a weekly basis in 2013! The following is his bio- I was born and raised in Lakeland, Fl– the 21st largest city in Florida, but its the largest city in the state if you exclude the 20 ahead of it. Lakeland, …

Thanksgiving Day NFL Games for Dummies

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It’s that special day where we all gather around the table, stuff our faces with turkey, and praise the invention of the elastic waistband. After eating and putting on our favorite pair of stretchy pants comes the real feast— three NFL games: Houston at Detroit as an appetizer, Washington (the fighting RG3’s) at Dallas (the fighting disappointments) for the main entrée, then New England at the New York Jets for dessert. Whether you are a football fan or not, you …

NBA Predictions and Rankings: Western Conference

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Jeremy Wilson joins us again after his Eastern Conference Predictions and Rankings to break down the Western Conference. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Jeremy Wilson alone and do not in any way, shape, or form reflect those of The Wise Guise.

NBA Predictions and Rankings: Eastern Conference

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Today, a favorite of The Wise Guise joins us. Jeremy “Jameer” Wilson shares some thoughts on this NBA season. He’s going to start us off with the Eastern Conference and then later cover the Western Conference. Below are his predictions and rankings. Let us know if you agree, but as a Magic fan who ranked his team 14/15, we know these aren’t homer predictions.

NFL Week 3: Winners & Losers

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You all know the drill by now. Another solid contribution by Jeremy Wilson.