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Evolution of Card Gaming

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The history of card gaming goes back thousands of years to earlier civilizations in India, Egypt, and China, the last of which is said to have actually created the playing cards we all know so well. Those are the facts according to HOPC, which also notes that there are similarities between the Chinese cards from 800 years ago and those we all use today. Of course, over the years, the look of the 52-card deck has changed considerably, but so …

Movie Review: The Counselor

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[Today, we’re honored to have a guest contributor review “The Counselor”, the Ridley Scott-directed, Cormac McCarthy-penned film with the all-star cast and less-than-stellar reviews. Don’t miss what R. Rooney Roux, CSA has to say about this movie dividing so many critics and viewers alike.] Knowing how difficult it may be to pass up a Ridley Scott directed film featuring Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, and Michael Fassbender, I, nonetheless, encourage you, entreat you, implore you to do …

Shangri-La in India

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[This post comes to us from friend of The Wise Guise, John Nesbitt. John Nesbitt is a rare guest contributor and team owner of a jungernaut Survivor Team.  He just returned from a two week trip to India for work. He has previously written about his adventures in the Middle East.] Shangri-La in India The land of Maharajas and Mughals. A land of people and trash. A land of treasures and trash. The juxtaposition is overwhelming This juxtaposition makes the experience

A Great Freshman Class For Memphis

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Heading into this coming season of college basketball, most of the hype regarding freshmen is focused in two places: on Andrew Wiggins, the unquestioned #1 overall recruit who will look to deliver on Lebron-esque hype at Kansas, and on Kentucky, where John Calipari has hauled in what looks like his best class yet. But lost a bit in this hype is the fact that Calipari’s old school, Memphis, has an incredibly stacked recruiting class of its own – one that, …

America Is… (An Ode to Independence Day)

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America Is… (An Ode to Independence Day) By Justin Poythress America is baseball and apple pie, but so much more: America is red, white, and blue America is the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful America is Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers America is the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge

Josh Smith: Alas, Cloud Atlas Future Cloudy

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We’re ecstatic about today’s guest post from best friend of The Wise Guise, Josh Smith, who previously wrote this joy of a blog post. If we had it our way, Josh would write a new post every day, but he’s a legitimate family man, so alas, no can do. However, we couldn’t be happier to have his book review and movie preview of Cloud Atlas today.  Mainly because we wanted to have a clue what was going on in the …