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Meet my friend Trey, he is a Douchebag.

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I’ve been disappointed in our reader’s response to my well written and thoughtful plea as to why you need to watch The Real World. Well, here is my second attempt to convince you. Tell me what this word does for you when you hear it. Douchebag(whispered). Oh you didn’t here me? Let me clear my throat. DOUCHEBAG. Yep, we got one here on this season of The Real World. His name is Trey.

It’s Still Real to Me DAMMIT!

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If you are one who judges people based on the their television taste, well this is a post tailor made for you and your narrow mindedness. Nobody likes closed minded people, why else would being liberal be so hip these days? I have wasted a myriad of hours in my life watching what most would call “trashy television”, and I am completely okay with my decisions. Well most of them. Maybe a few VH1 shows were given too much longevity …

Condescending Married Tone

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“Dude, just ask her out.” “Come on man, get with the program.” “I don’t know what you’re waiting for, go for it.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard phrases like that, I’d be set. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Condescending Married Tone (CMT).

Google Search Fun Bag: Round 3

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Adam Sandler Pee Well well well. This is an interesting search. Either we have a super weirdo stalker fan trying to collect every piece of Adam Sandler memorabilia or someone too lazy to search “Adam Sandler peeing on himself in Billy Madison”. I don’t know which one I am rooting for because part of me wants to meet this fan, well not really. So let’s go with a lazy Google searcher. Yeah that sounds good.

Google Search Fun Bag: Round Two

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We had some good searches that somehow lead people to our blog these past weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Time to have some fun with it. I’m a little rusty with my wit so please excuse me if I don’t generate side splitting laughter in every sentence like usual. Let’s go.

Movie Review: The Redemption of General Butt Naked

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Yep. The title served its purpose. Sucked you in, just as it did to me on Friday night. I love documentaries, mainly because I discover more about the human condition. Well, this film causes you think very hard about forgiveness and the limits people will allow others to be forgiven. Joshua Milton Blahyi, a.k.a. General Butt Naked, was responsible for thousands of deaths during the Liberian civil war. Men, women, and children all were innocent victims of his evil rampage. …

Why The NBA Playoffs Are Better Than March Madness

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The NBA playoffs are better than March Madness. Try and debate me. If you have a team of interest in the NBA, then the NBA Playoffs are so much better than the few weeks of March Madness. If you are a basketball fan the playoffs give you the best sample of competition possible. Allow me to rebuttal the anticipated arguments. After deconstructing those oppositions, I will then present the reasons for you to agree with my opening statements.