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Bright Spot: The Danny Webber Story

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Today I’d like to introduce a new portion of The Wise Guise that I really hope you guys enjoy and support. With all of the negative news that we consume on a regular basis, I think it’s important that we also make an effort to seek out stories that brighten our days. This is a story I found a couple of months ago and wanted to use in a blog post, but I could never decide what direction to take …

Netflix Streaming Suggestions: Part 14

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With the Golden Globes in the rear view window, and the Academy Awards on the horizon, there is a lot of movie buzz going on right now. I figured this was as good of a time as any to bring back the Netflix suggestions series!

‘Mama’ Looks Terrifying

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First off, I’m not a big horror film guy. I like the classics and can always go for a good psychological thriller-type horror movie but overall I’m more of a comedy/drama/anything-but-horror guy. I do however have a lot of respect for Guillermo del Toro as a filmmaker. And when it comes to the new film he’s producing, Mama, I don’t know what to do. Since I’m a big list guy, let’s break this down.

Should the Memphis Grizzlies Trade Rudy Gay?

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Fans of the Memphis Grizzlies have gotten spoiled quickly. We went from PLEASE MAKE THE PLAYOFFS to PLEASE WIN A PLAYOFF GAME to WIN A DAMN TITLE! I can’t say this process happened overnight, but it’s amazing how the darkness of the bad memories fades when the present potential seems so overwhelmingly bright. At the moment, the Grizzlies are sitting 4th in the Western Conference at 22-10 despite playing the 7th toughest schedule so far. Overall the Grizz have won …

Clayton’s Top 12 Christmas Movies

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This is a busy time of year for everyone but as we all gather with our families many of us will be watching our favorite Christmas movies. I’ve decided to take a few minutes to share with you my top 12 Christmas movies. Let me know what you think I missed. Unless you think I missed A Christmas Story. Because I didn’t. And you deserve coal. My one real major internal debate was over whether I was allowed to put …

Movie Review: The Hobbit

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It is 3:30am as I write this so we’re going to keep it brief. I was persuaded at the last minute by my roommate Colin to go to a midnight showing tonight of The Hobbit. I agreed to do so if we could go to the showing with the new HFR 3D format.