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“M” for Masterpiece: Rediscovering the Importance of Fritz Lang’s Powerful Film

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Rediscovery is a beautiful thing. It’s especially wonderful when you believe the initial discovery was lackluster. When I entered college, I was already a cinephile who probably viewed myself as being more knowledgeable on film than I really was at the time. One category of the medium that escaped me in terms of understanding were motion pictures in a foreign language. I suppose my youth led me to ignore them, as I deplored having to sit for hours reading large …

No Country For Old Men

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This weekend, the fifth installment of the ‘Die Hard’ series, ‘A Good Day to Die Hard,’ hits theaters. It marks the fourth film in the last three months to feature a prominent action star from the 1980s, and the popular expectation is it will underwhelm at the box office, despite the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend.

The Hater’s Guide to Photography in Social Media

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Disclaimer: This column is not directed at any one individual I know. I hate all of you equally. Ever had a bad day? Of course you have. We all have them now and then. It often feels like this time of year – in the cold, cloudy winter months – those days are more common. We see the sun less, the temperatures are much lower and people in general seem annoyed they had to leave the comfort of their warm …

A Short History of Race in Film in the United States

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From the moment ‘Django Unchained’ was announced, I kept coming back to the same thought in my head of an ingredient in the filmmaking recipe that would cause controversy: the use of the highly touted “n-word.” Knowing the style of Quentin Tarantino, the racially charged term was sure to arise. Just how would the U.S. media react? The answer: as usual, completely idiotic. No sooner than word got out from the first screening of the “n-word’s” heavy and frequent use …

After 20 Years, Is Raw Still Relevant?

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January 11, 1993 would mark the day cable television would forever change. That Monday, viewers watching USA Network’s nightly programming would witness the very first installment of what would become the longest-running professional wrestling series in TV history: ‘WWE Raw.’

New Member of The Wise Guise Introduction – Alex Beene

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We are proud to announce our second new addition to the staff in Alex Beene. Alex has contributed for us multiple times, most recently with his Top 12 Pop Culture Item’s of 2012. We are excited to see what he has in store and encourage you to check out his bio that follows… I always picture a bio of myself that is much more witty and eloquent than the one I deserve. In that dream portrait of self-description, I’m described …