Warner Russell

“We don’t even clap the same when we living that champagne life. Sexier than a regular clap.” – Ne-Yo

I met Ne-Yo once in an airport. He’s short and was shocked that the only two people that paid any attention to him were a tween Asian girl and a 20-something white guy. Not exactly Kanye or Jay-Z, but I guess his life is still “champagne” compared to mine. Mine is probably more along the lines of a Miller Lite life on the weekends and a PBR life during the week, but I’m pretty content with that.

My name is Warner Russell. No better way to throw out an introduction using written word than simply saying, “My name is ______ _______.” I’m a 27 year old average Joe starting my adult life in the town where I was raised. Just got hitched back in October 2011 and work for a small advertising firm. My wife is lovely, and my company is one that makes me proud.

I’ve spent the better part of my life learning how to be relatively mediocre at a handful of things. Like a poor man’s Renaissance man so to speak. I like to dabble. I play the guitar with some know how, sing enough so I can get a little tipsy at weddings and join the band for a song or two without looking like too much of an idiot, and write when I find the time for an audience of somewhere between seven and 700 people.

If I could be a professional student for a living, I would. I went to Ole Miss in Oxford, MS and honestly think that it is the closest thing to heaven that God put on earth. But I love my hometown of Memphis more than most people are capable of loving anything. I understand we are a flawed city, but I am darn proud that there are people working their butts off to make Memphis better. We have the potential to be one of the greatest places in America, and I am convinced people will call us that before I die.

The Memphis Tiger basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Ole Miss Football team get equal parts of my full attention throughout the year. I’ve been married through one season for each of those teams, and have already heard on multiple occasions, “I hate basketball,” from my wife. She’ll learn to love it, or, well, I’m not exactly sure what will happen. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out. The emotional attachment I have to these sports teams is probably unhealthy. Even as I type this, I am stewing over a loss that I witnessed in person last night and will continue to stew on it until the next game comes along. It’s nice to be passionate about something, but the odds of me experiencing a stroke, aneurysm, or heart attack during a sporting event are high. Good thing my kids won’t be athletic, or I would probably become “that dad.”

I also really like music, movies, and television. My favorites of all of those things are eclectic. Music: Ryan Adams, Ne-Yo (duh), and James Taylor; Movies: Scream, The Breakfast Club, and Harold and Maude; TV: Lost, Friends, and Full House. I also have a large obsession with professional wrestling. If you want a lively argument that you will lose, call me up and tell me it’s fake. Seriously, I’ll kill you.

My family, friends, and faith are the pillars that hold me up. It’s scary to think what life would be like without those things, and I am blessed to be where I am today.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to write.

Random facts:

I haven’t lived without a beard since March of 2009.

The doctors told my parents when I was two that I would probably top out between 6’4’’ and 6’6’’. I’m 5’9’’ and still bitter about it.

I used to drink Chick-Fil-A Polynesian sauce from the container.