Joseph Williams

After growing up in the embodiment of the American melting pot in Memphis, TN, I went to Nashville, TN to attend Vanderbilt University.  Upon graduation, I taught 11th and 12th grade Social Studies in Teach For America in Nashville.  During this time, I fell in love and married my best friend and love of my life.  I’m now a law student at Vanderbilt University, cheering on my Vanderbilt Commodores and livin’ that dream!

As I’ve always said, I’m a lover of God, a lover of people, and a lover of partying.  My knack for people and partying means I’m constantly finding groups of people with new interests and having conversations with people who have fascinations for me to explore.  I choose to periodically check in on and casually follow things like mixed martial arts, the sweet science of boxing and European soccer.  Obsessing about things like United States politics, film and television, and all things American sports-related is just par for the course.

Some fun facts:

– My role models are George Bailey, Jack Bauer, Atticus Finch, George Feeny, and Peyton Manning.  And yes, I think they’re all real.

I love America… probably more than you do.

As for any thing else you need to know about me, stay tuned.  For whatever they’re worth (which probably isn’t much), my thoughts and interests will be on full display on The Wise Guise and my Twitter page (@jjosephwilliams).  But being America, land of the free and home of the brave, I’ll let you be a vibrant citizen of this democracy and decide for yourself.