Clayton Martin


I was born and raised in the greatest city west of Nashville and east of the Mississippi River, Memphis, TN.

From the 901 I took my talents to Knoxville, TN where I studied Sport Management and Business Administration at the University of Tennessee. Upon my graduation in 2010, I worked for the FedEx St. Jude Classic golf tournament before settling in at my little oasis in North Memphis called The First Tee of Memphis.

As of June, 2014 I have moved to Nashville, TN to pursue my dreams of being a major country music artist. Just kidding. I’m doing other stuff.

I am an unabashed movie and television show nerd, which I humbly credit to fellow writer Joseph Williams. He took me under his wing in high school and then I took my new-found obsession way too far. At the time of this post I have seen exactly 1,512 movies in my lifetime, which I have a record of through my IMDb account. I’ve also seen all of the AFI Top 100. A few of my favorites are Braveheart, Sullivan’s Travels, City Lights, Bonnie and Clyde, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Tree of Life, American Beauty, Magnolia, Leon: The Professional, Waiting for Guffman, The Shining, Se7en, Goodfellas, and Grizzly Man.

Finally, I would have to say my biggest passion is sports. And not just in your typical meat head kind of way. I went to school to learn the business side of sports but I have really always been fascinated by the sociology of sports. I’m drawn to it’s impact on our culture and society. I’m an unabashed Memphis Grizzlies and Tennessee Volunteers supporter. I try hard to be a good ambassador for my school.


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