Letter to the Editor: Thoughts from a Veteran and Current Police Officer

Letters to the Editor

Today we’re posting this “Letter to the Editor” that we received this morning from someone whose identity shall remain anonymous. He’s a veteran and currently a police officer in the city of Memphis. In light of the recent tragedy in South Carolina he just had a few words he wanted to share with our audience. Because we strive for this website to serve as a platform for people to share varying thoughts and opinions we are honored to pass his words along. What follows is his letter…

I am a white male who grew up with all the luxuries associated with middle-middle class suburbia. I went to an excellent school, surrounded by primarily like minded individuals. We were destined to grab the reigns of society. Hell, maybe we still are. But I took a route much different from that of my peers. In my opinion, no better, and no worse. I joined the military instead of pursuing a collegiate education. I quickly found myself bored and unsatisfied with the humdrum pace of college life. Upon leaving the service, I did what most ex-grunts do, I found somewhere not so different, I became a city cop. Now, I understand that none of this is fundamentally important to society as a whole, nor does it merit publication. We all know that guy. But I believe I can verbalize what some of “those guys” want everyone to know. I think that by relating my experience to the current state of affairs, I might help enlighten some of those who haven’t seen this particular side of society. Even more important, I hope that I may exonerate some of the good guys, because I know they exist. The problem I see is that we are lumped in with the bad guys, so here goes.

Every morning I wake up and limp to the bathroom. You see, my left leg, at 28 yrs old, doesn’t work quite like I’d like it to. This is because I was shot, by a black man. Once I finish my morning routine in the lavatory, I head towards the kitchen to grab a bite to eat before my morning limp session on the running trails that I find so therapeutic. Regardless of my breakfast of choice, I receive a daily reminder that a muslim extremist ensured that I’ll never taste or feel anything touching my lower jaw or lip. Once I begin my run, everything, and I mean everything, hurts. The shrapnel in my right hip and shoulder, the left quadricep/hamstring torn apart by a bullet I didn’t see coming. The compressed disks in my lower back are the result of the thousands of hours spent humping hundreds of pounds of equipment in both foreign and domestic settings. The beauty? I embrace it. I love every second of discomfort. It reminds me of not only that I’m still alive, but that I live in an environment that allows me to enjoy every second of my serendipitous state.

I say all of that to say this. I’ve been targeted by a different race, not because I’m white, but because I was a cop. Not because I’m an atheist, but because I was a soldier at war. I refuse to allow the violent acts cast upon me taint my view of an entire group of people. For the one time I was shot by a black man, I can count thousands of instances in which I had nothing but positive interactions as a white cop in a poverty stricken black neighborhood. For the one time I was the unfortunate target of a middle eastern warrior, I spent another 364 days breaking bread with countless incredible people. I have made a conscious decision to not let the outliers affect my opinion of any group as a whole. I do and will continue to respect all races, religions, and lifestyles. I find my Facebook and email clogged with hatred towards many different ethnic groups and I refuse to take on that mindset. With respect to the recent slaughter in SC, I refuse to excuse or identify with the suspect. This, the latest racially fueled genocide in our nation is just that. It’s not a psychological problem, it’s not a gun control issue, it’s one racist piece of s*** exacting imaginary revenge.

I believe society as a whole would recognize it as just this, an outlier. White’s need not make excuses for his intrinsic evil (i.e. psych issue) and I can only hope that the black community doesn’t group everyone else in with this or any other domestic terrorist as I’ve unfortunately seen. Pardon my language, but f*** what the media says, I don’t care if he is labeled a terrorist, martyr, or a bologna sandwich. He’s a murderer, that’s irrefutable. He was racially, and possibly religiously motivated. I care not what system of beliefs you follow nor what your ethnic background is, All I find pertinent is that we condemn this heinous attack for what it is, but find a way to not blame any large group of people. One race, culture, group should not be defined by the small percentage of extremists within.


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