Wrestling with Death: The Next Big Thing in Reality TV


If you aren’t watching Wrestling with Death, you 100% should be.

Wrestling with Death chronicles the life of LaFonce Latham and his family as they run a funeral home while also running a professional wrestling promotion in Osceola, AR. You see what they did there with the name of the show?

It’s a crazy thirty minutes, to say the least. Yes, you do see actual corpses. Yes, you do see actual wrestling matches. Yes, it is ridiculous. But it’s all sorts of entertaining.

I mean a 60-year-old funeral director lacing up the boots and then taking it to his son-in-law, the funeral home secretary, for the MCW (Mid-South Championship Wrestling) Heavy Weight Championship? That’s good old-fashioned fun. And the fact that Osceola has a population of about 7,500 means wrestling (often pronounced “wrassslin’”) is one of the only forms of entertainment in town. So the Friday night matches are quite the social spectacle.

The cast of characters is eccentric. The subject matter, on the funeral side of course, is not for the squeamish. But so far, it appears that WWD is simply about a family trying to make a living, not in a traditional way by any means, but an entertaining one for sure.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big pro wrestling fan. I also find the funeral industry to be fascinating, so it checks two fun boxes for me. However my wife, sweet thing she is, hates wrestling and isn’t much for dead folks. But in all honesty, she might like the show more than me. That, my friends, is an endorsement.

Thus far there have been six episodes, but once you fast forward through the commercials, they end up at about 20 minutes. You could certainly watch them all in one sitting and be caught up and ready for the newest episode next Tuesday at 9:00 CST on WGN. I encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed.

#WrestleInPeace (That is indeed the official hash tag.)

Check out the trailer below.


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