Feeny Friday: Shawn and the Matthews and MINKUS… OH MY!

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It’s been a while, Feeny Fanatics! When we last convened together on a Friday, we talked about Girl Meets World being picked up by The Disney Channel for a complete first season. While we’ve known Feeny would be back in some capacity and there has been some buzz about other returning favorites, all of it has remained pure speculation.

Until the last couple weeks! Twitter and Instagram has given us clues and shots from the show. We still wait for Girl Meets World to premiere and return us to that wonderful world of Cory Matthews and his ever-growing family… but our anticipation continues to build.

First, about a week ago, we received some very surprising news. MINKUS. IS. BACK.

Many of you may remember Minkus from the early seasons of Boy Meets World, where he nerdily flirted with hippy Topanga and was a constant punching bag for middle school Cory and Shawn. Fans have often joked about Minkus’s disappearance… and hopefully we’ll get some long sought-after answers. But one thing is clear – the character is returning to the new series. Lee Norris, the actor who has always played Stuart Minkus, stated: “I’ve had a great time being back on set with some of my old friends. It still amazes me how many people love and remember Minkus, and I’m excited for the fans to catch up with him after all these years.”

young stuart minkus

EW reminds us as well, “Minkus was a nerdy classmate of Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s who appeared in the early days of Boy Meets World. He disappeared for a few years before finally showing up again in the high school graduation episode, explaining that during his long absence he was merely hanging out on “the other side of the school.””

But that was just our appetizer on this Feeny Friday. We knew that if the show got off the ground, almost all of our favorites would return. And while I’m always someone hoping for shows to return to the time of wonderful Christmas episodes, it seems that the Season 1 Christmas episode will bring Mr. and Mrs. Matthews back to us… along with Shawn!

There is much to celebrate this week, friends.

A very Merry Feeny Friday, indeed!


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