Movie Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit

It is 3:30am as I write this so we’re going to keep it brief. I was persuaded at the last minute by my roommate Colin to go to a midnight showing tonight of The Hobbit. I agreed to do so if we could go to the showing with the new HFR 3D format.

The visuals were ridiculously crystal clear which was cool, but I think I may have enjoyed the film better had I seen it in a traditional format. I do think seeing it at midnight made the task of the 3D glasses more tiresome though. Thus I’m not sure how objective I can be on the new highly anticipated format.

A few brief thoughts before I pass out:

1. I feel like if The Hobbit did nothing else, it kind of verified just how great the Lord of the Rings trilogy was. As we’ve all seen in the critic’s reviews by now The Hobbit is certainly not on par with those but it’s still worth seeing for sure.

2. I really don’t know how fair it is to use the excuse of saying that the hype was too great anymore as a defense. After both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises met and possibly way exceeded everyone’s crazy high expectations, I think it might be fair to say The Hobbit could have been better. Even Django Unchained recently exceeded my unfairly high expectations. I think if you make a film that has high expectations it means you’ve achieved something truly special in the past (which Peter Jackson has certainly done) and it’s fair to expect more of the same. Especially if you’re going to use related subject material.

3. I recently wrote in my Django Unchained review that the length wasn’t an issue for that film. I stated that if you’re going to go on a journey and be told a story it should feel long. That being said, I did feel like The Hobbit had several scenes that did nothing to further the plot and really weren’t necessary. They would have been fine on the blu-ray as bonus scenes but didn’t need to be in the final theatrical cut. I feel like this movie kept these scenes in because everyone expected a long epic but it ended up slightly taking away from the experience. Django has the exact same run time but all of the scenes serve a specific purpose or are so great that you are glad they were included.

In the end I did enjoy The Hobbit and I think it’s worth making an effort to get out and see. Was it worth a midnight showing? Probably not but thanks to good ol’ Rotten Tomatoes I knew that going into it.

Total Score: I’d give it a 7/10.

Theater/Redbox/None: Theater. Unfortunately I can’t really advise on the 3D vs. non 3D, or even 3D vs. HFR 3D. I went to the HFR 3D showing just to be able to share my opinion but I really don’t know what I think. Maybe that alone tells you what you need to know? I’ll let that be your call if you’re feeling adventurous.


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3 Responses to Movie Review: The Hobbit

  1. Garrett

    I have seen 3 movies in 3D now (but no I have not seen Avatar in 3D) and I have never enjoyed it. Granted the first movie I saw in 3D was Jackass, but the strain that it takes to watch it through glasses which I am not used to is just no fun. I will always prefer the traditional way until someone comes out with something that is virtual reality and the movie is all around you. So you put on some glasses or headgear, and no matter where you look there is something happening. Indy car racing is adding 360 degree viewing, movies should be next.

  2. chris

    Good to see Django Unchained mentioned 2 out of 3 of your points of this movie review. Sounds like I’m did a good job of skipping out last night and that old fashion 2D is just fine for this one.

    • BB

      Chris you missed out on some great fellowship and fun with me, Jonny, and Hammertime.

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