Movie Review: Argo

Yesterday Joseph and Palmer did a He Said, She Said that included their takes on Argo but I figured I’d throw my input out there as well. Be sure to check out theirs if you missed it and let me know what you thought of the movie!

What I liked: First I would like to thank Ben Affleck for not desperately trying to find ways to make Argo a shout-out to the city of Boston. See: The Town. I have a long history of hating Ben Affleck. But damn, he can direct a movie. Also a quick tip of the cap to Canada. I see you having less pansy moments in your history than we thought!

What Affleck did with Argo was something special. It’s not necessarily something we haven’t seen before; a well made historical drama with splices of dark humor. But he did it as well as the greats before him. I’ve read some reviews that considered it a bit formulaic towards what could win Oscars. My response to that would be that movies which are made a certain way that win Oscars, win them because they are damn good movies. There is nothing wrong with using a proven formula. It’s a formula because the result more times than not is hits.

The last thing I’d like to point out is the film’s ability to take what we all knew would be a triumphant ending and still stress the hell out of everyone watching it effectively. It’s like when you were late hoping on board watching 24 or Dexter or a show like that and you’re on season two and shit gets real but you know they make it because there are nine seasons of the show. Argo takes an amazing story and throws you into the action well enough that you forget they wouldn’t make a movie about an attempted rescue mission where everyone involved gets executed.

Oh and one more last thing… I loved every single supporting acting performance. They were phenomenal.

What I didn’t: If I had to pick something I’d say there were elements that had to have been clearly Hollywood-ized. Such as the timing of everything that goes down in the very end. But at the same time those same elements had everyone on the edge of their seats and made it one hell of an experience. I was kind of hoping for someone to have something Boston Red Sox on at some point for me to bitch about but I couldn’t find anything. I’m sure it’s in there though. Well played Affleck, well played.

Total Score: I’d give it a 8.5/10.

Theater/Redbox/None: Theater.




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