College Football Roundtable: Week 2

Check out part 1 and part 2 of last week if you missed them. If not, it’s time for some week 2 roundtable action including this weeks pick ’em!

Clayton: Thank you Warner for the prompt! Let’s get it.

First comment…HOW BOUT THEM VOLS!

Funke: Vanderbilt will f$%& you up.

Joseph: Adding in Andrew Steele in honor of his Hokies’ OT win and so we can get ACC fan readership.

As for me and my house, we shall cheer for the Commodores.

Motion to include Jayzor’s statement from the weekend about last week’s Vanderbilt loss…

Brett: I’m just going to leave this here.

college football - Texas A & M Erects Billboard In Gainesville Declaring Itself

Brett: That’s outside the Florida stadium, by the way.

Jeremy: The ACC…lol

Also, I just became a big Aggies fan!


Gaytor Hater Wilson

Brett: The best academics in the SEC.  LOL

Clayton: I’m thinking about including the Memphis vs. Arkansas State game in the picks for the week, since, you know, they lost to UT-Martin at home…

Andrew: Virginia Tech’s “marquee out of conference opponent” this season was supposed to be Pitt. Whoops.

Clayton: Texas A&M and Missouri in the SEC.

funny gifs

Brett: They also trolled Texas pretty hard.  They put some “This is SEC Country” billboards right outside of Austin.  I really hate them.

Brett: Ralph D. Russo ‏@ralphDrussoAP
Texas A&M is guy who moves into new neighborhood, mows lawn with shirt off, hits on neighbor wives, tells you his car is nicer than yours.

Clayton: That sounds about right. The new guy on the block doesn’t get to just move in and start claiming shit.

Photo: In response to the SEC going 10-3 in week one.</p> <p>Credit: Laura Hawkins

Clayton: In all seriousness though Tennessee looked pretty good for a season opener against what was supposedly one of the best secondaries in the country. We connected on a couple deep plays which may have just been some missed assignments but we also had several other plays that should have led to more points.

Or do you guys just talk bad about Tennessee and never actually watch their games?

Brett: The talk of David Amerson being an elite corner definitely needs to end.

Andrew: Weeewwww!!! Yeah, they don’t know what’s gonna hit ’em! SEC! SEC! SEC! S-E-gdsfnggu…

Warner: Quick thoughts:

I hate Tennessee. And I watched the game. And they looked damn good. Cordarelle Patterson is the real deal, and that Tyler Bray asshole can really chunk the ball. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of their season pans out.

Man, Memphis. Just some sad stuff at the Liberty Bowl this weekend. 40,000 at the game, more than the Mississippi State game last year, and all they have to show is a loss to UT-Martin. How many of you cats even know where Martin, TN is? Nervous to see how many fans show up to see them play the Red Wolves of Arkansas State this weekend.

Rebels got a big W this weekend. When you’re Ole Miss any W is big. Hopefully UTEP just played really well against a taken off-guard OU squad and the Rebs can make a game out of it with The Miners this weekend.

Alabama is going to beat the crap out of everyone. I called that Denard Robinson would immediately drop from Heisman talk after the Bama game, right? Yeah. Right.

A&M and Mizzou need a season of getting hazed by the real SEC teams before I will call them members. Frat style, playas.

Clayton: I agree that Bama looked scary. Like unreal scary.

Also the Memphis game is on the road AT Arkansas State. Truly don’t know if they can even bounce back against Arkansas State. They also have no business traveling to Arkansas State. Ever.

I was tweeting back and forth with Geoff Calkins (Commercial Appeal writer in Memphis) and he was saying it was good to see that at least 40,000 people care, or want to care. I replied with the analogy from the recent Undefeated documentary that unless they keep coming back and aren’t “turkey people” that it makes no difference. Memphis people are always ready to jump on a bandwagon. If they want things to change they will stick around.

Jeremy: By “tweeting back and forth,” Clayton really means that Calkins replied to one of Clayton’s many tweets at him…



Joseph: With those kinds of instincts, is it possible to pick up Dubya on waivers?

Andrew: Pretty sure he’s used up all of his eligibility . . . thank god.

Clayton: We had some discussion going in another thread about the Vandy game. Any of you Vandy guys care to share here?

I thought both Vanderbilt and South Carolina did two things.

1) Show why each respective fan base is excited about their team’s potential.

2) Show why skeptics of each team still aren’t ready to buy in.

Personally, I just didn’t see anything from Vanderbilt that shows they are ready to be a consistent threat in the SEC. They have a few play-makers that might allow them to win a few games if they can hang around but I didn’t see anything that should be cause for concern for most SEC teams.

South Carolina didn’t wow me either, but they do have Marcus Lattimore who is the type of guy that can win games.

Everyone always says that teams improve the most between the first and second games so we’ll see who they both really are soon.

Warner: Look at that. Vandy fans see a loss and go back to not caring…


Jay: Maybe I missed something, but I don’t see anywhere in this thread where Vanderbilt fans show apathy or lack of caring.

As for what Clayton said, I agree that South Carolina is not a Top Ten team. I disagree about Vanderbilt not being competitive or a source of concern.

If you mean, will Vanderbilt win the SEC East? No, they will not.

Should teams worry about them? They better.

Clayton basically implies that Vanderbilt might hang around in a few games and sneak a win or two.

I predict that Vanderbilt will win 3-4 SEC games this season, and they will compete in all of them (except for potentially Georgia).

I will concede that the Vols looked more impressive than the Commodores in the first week of the season. But luckily, Vanderbilt doesn’t have to play them until November. That’s plenty of time for another UT playmaker or two to get kicked off of the team and/or “transfer” to Tennessee Tech.

Brett: Vanderbilt’s SEC schedule is:

at Georgia (L)

at Missouri (L)

Florida (toss up)

Auburn (toss up)

at Kentucky (W)

at Ole Miss (W)

Tennessee (L)

Toss Up Games: Florida looked rough in their opener.  Driskel clearly has a ways to go and Muschamp is dealing with a lot of issues behind the scenes.  Florida will still be favored, but Vanderbilt has a shot here.  Vanderbilt always plays Auburn pretty well and I don’t think the Tigers will put a ton of points on the board this year, so I could see Vanderbilt pulling out at 17-14 type game at home.

Wins: I’m calling Ole Miss a W for Vanderbilt.  Bo Wallace looked pretty sharp in his first start, but it was Central Arkansas.  I did a scouting report on him for another site when Texas put out a few feelers on him last year, but I don’t think he’ll fare well in the SEC.  Gunslinger mentality with average arm strength.  SEC DB’s will make plays on him.  Kentucky is terrible.  They spent all of their cap money on basketball.  Teddy Bridgewater (most underrated QB in America) lit them up this weekend.

Losses: The Vanderbilt offense can’t keep up with the points Missouri, Georgia, or Tennessee will put on the board.  I’m pretty comfortable saying Tennessee will light Vandy up.

5-7 floor with 8-4 upside assuming a few things roll their way.

Clayton: Jay,

Congrats on negating the props I gave you in the other thread. The funny thing about character issues is that the guys that get kicked off of teams usually have offers from 20+ schools. Vandy fans wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they got a Da’Rick Rogers.

What are Vanderbilt’s strengths that will give them a competitive advantage over anyone in the SEC? I’m not calling them a bad team. I’m saying they don’t create matchup problems for anyone because they don’t have any major strengths. I wasn’t taking shots or even comparing them to UT. Just stating what I observed.

Warner: How do you gentleman feel about Savannah St. letting Okalhoma St. pay a huge price to beat the crap out of them? ESPN has been debating it, and I was curious to know your thoughts.

Basically Savannah St. said that money is more important than the dignity of their student athletes. Their AD took a huge amount of money and let his players get embarassed, and he knew it would happen. And then he schduled Florida St. to play them a few weeks later.

Fair or foul?

Jay: Just stating what I observed as well. I am intimidated by Tennessee’s fire power. They looked very good on Friday night. I was more intimidated when they had Da’Rick on the roster. They would have been even more dominant on Friday night with him.

All I’m saying is that UT has time to have more “roster changes.” I’m not wishing it upon them. I’m just stating that in the past they have had more run-ins with the law (even with the protection of the Knoxville police force handling things “in house”) than the typical program. Derek Dooley seems like a clean-cut fella, so I’m assuming that the problems have been solved.

Clayton: I have no problem with what Savannah St. did. Football programs cost a lot of money to operate. If I play there and get a scholarship I should be thanking my lucky stars that schools like Savannah St. have football programs where I can still play football and go to school for free.

Brett: Alabama ain’t all boy scouts, and I wouldn’t hate it if my team was as good as Bama.  Recruiting talent means you have to take some semi-questionable kids, which Vanderbilt has done moreso in the last two years than in the past.  You obviously don’t want a team full of Bryce Brown’s, but you need guys who can ball.

Look at Patrick Willis.  Barely got into school, several fights as a juvenile, terrible academically in high school.  Moved to a great support system at Ole Miss and flourished.  You just need to have the right people in place.

Jay: Look…it’s not a value judgment. Just the facts. This next statement is completely sincere (please read it as such): I wish Vanderbilt recruited more players of questionable character. They hit harder, and they make more plays.

Brett: You’d get suspended 3 games at Notre Dame for saying that.

Jay: No one likes Notre Dame.

Colin: #cosign

Clayton: I like the debate Warner brought up. No one else has an opinion on that?

Brett: Not really.  You guys are not going to defend Mike Gundy and I hate you for it.  Should Gundy probably have taken the air out of the ball and just melted it clock?  Sure.  But look at it from his perspective.  He has a true freshman starting at quarterback (Wes Lunt) and a redshirt freshman backing him up (Jonathan Walsh).  Lunt showed a lot of promise in the spring, but he hasn’t gotten very many reps in the college game.  If I’m Gundy, I’m getting him as many snaps as possible against live fire.  Coaches are very limited in the amount of practice time they can get with their team.

Plus it’s not he didn’t try to run the ball.

His top four backs went like this:

Randle-6 carries for 107 yards, 17.8 YPC, 2 TDs

Roland-9 carries for 104 yards, 11.6 YPC, 3 TDs

Bennett-12 carries for 91 yards, 7.6 YPC, 1 TD

Smith-4 carries for 37 yards, 7.4 YPC, 3 TDs

Teams schedule early season cupcakes all the time.  It’s not Gundy’s fault.  He has a job to do, and that’s to prepare his team for Big 12 play.

Savannah State knew what they were getting themselves into.  Take your beating, cash the check, move on.

Joseph: So, at this point after week #1, what are the odds that the Title Game isn’t Alabama vs. USC?

Also, what’s it going to take to turn the Memphis football program around? I heard a commentator last week declare no school has given up on their football program more in D1 than Memphis. Thoughts?

In other news, I think I’m actually going to be rooting for A&M vs. the Gators. I’m all about hazing the new guys, but how many of you don’t want to see some punk cowboy pledge just punch out the guy who treated you with so much disrespect for so long?

Down with the Gators!

Now as for those Missouri folk above the Mason-Dixon line… that’s another story…

Clayton: At this point there’s no way it’s not Bama and USC.

Memphis is damn near hopeless unless they invest some money in the program.

I’m with Joseph. I hope A&M beats Florida mercilessly. Some of that is also that Tennessee plays Florida the next week…

Week 2 – Pick ‘Em


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