Our Need For… Bachelor Party

TV has no shortage of bachelor related material these days.

We have The Bachelor and The Bachelorette bringing millions of women and most likely millions of men to their TVs every Monday. When one of those two programs isn’t airing, we have Bachelor Pad filling in as the black sheep of the three, catering to the people that need real trash, not just mushy love trash to watch every week.  Of course you would think since about 11 months of the year are covered by these three shows, there wouldn’t be a need for anything else like this, right?

Well you, my friend, are wrong. This world desperately needs Bachelor Party.

It’s a simple idea really. Take a handful (5-10) of the guys that have failed miserably at finding love on any of the aforementioned Bachelor products and send them someplace where a group of guys would go for a bachelor party. Vegas, New Orleans, the Florida Panhandle, Chicago, etc. Once the guys get there, give them the typical checklist of bachelor party spots to visit and watch them make fools of themselves for a few nights as they try to have a good time.

Places to visit could be, but are not limited to:

1)     dance clubs

2)     gentleman’s clubs

3)     nice restaurants

4)     crappy restaurants

5)     dive bars

6)     regular bars

7)     casinos

8)     the beach

9)     the pool

10)  the boardwalk

Pretty much any place where they can hit on strange women would work. Their goal is not to find love on this show, but if it happens, so be it. The primary goal is for us to be able to laugh at people we have either loved or hated or already laughed at on one of the other Bachelor shows.

Instead of drawing it out over six to twelve weeks or however long these shows last, make it a three part special, Thursday through Saturday for two hours each night, so it doesn’t drag on and get boring.

Let the guys drink, eat, and party on ABC’s tab and you have the makings of a great show.

No prizes, no roses, no money, no people being kicked off. Just pay for a few of the world’s most proven jackasses to take a three day weekend and follow them around with cameras as they fail to pick up women, fail to hold their liquor, fail to get back to the hotel, fail to gamble well, and well honestly just fail at life. Hilarity will ensue.

These guys will be used to living like this because after their short-lived stints on other Bachelor creations, they probably think this is how celebrities live and try their best to do it anyway.

With all the trash that’s already on TV, why not continue milking a proven cash cow with Bachelor Party? There’s really no good reason not to.

And if it works well…? Bachelorette Party.

ABC, you can thank me later.


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2 Responses to Our Need For… Bachelor Party

  1. chris

    I’d watch that. But you know they’d draw it out over 6 months on MTV and call it Real World / Jersey Shore / Etc. with the same idiots year after year.

    Promise me you will change the cast and I’m in year after year. If you make a guy who calls himself “The Situation” a national brand, I’ll never forgive you.

  2. CTW

    or legit have people apply for their bachelor party to be sponsored… that way it is a new cast each time… they submit their location and how many people are going, what they’re going to do, etc… then the winner gets a funded Bachelor Party, but it is aired… HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Arrrghh The Pirate Strike Again

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