Movie Review: The Campaign

I must admit I was giddy when I was browsing the movies being produced and came across this one a year or so ago. I even really liked the initial reviews that were rolling in. I had to really work hard despite all that to temper my expectations because I figured there was just no way that these two could pull off something special.

In the end I’m afraid they didn’t. What The Campaign did was what deep down I always knew it would. It traded witty political satire for low-brow crude jokes. If it hadn’t been for the two leads, this movie would have been an absolute train wreck.

To be fair though, I did laugh out loud a good number of times. Especially early on when we were being introduced to the absurd characters. I hate to admit it but I find it damn near impossible to not laugh at anything Zach Galifianakis does. The first time I ever cried laughing was when he acted as his twin brother Seth in his Live at the Purple Onion special. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen.

That sort of character needs to be balanced properly though in my opinion. That was something I never really would have imagined before seeing The Campaign. I think for Galifianakis to be truly hysterical he needs to be the only source of attempted quirky humor. Will Ferrell also being ridiculous kind of took away what makes Galifianakis’s character so funny.

Think back to The Hangover. He’s the only truly outrageous one in the group. Outrageous stuff happens, but he’s the only crazy one. Or take Due Date with Robert Downey Jr. Galifianakis’s character was funny because he was the lone outrageous one. Most notably this scene.

In the end I just wanted more out of this one. It has some solid funny moments but sadly it’s not worth rushing out to see.

Acting: 14/20

Cinematography: 6/10

Directing: 6/10

Memorability: 5/10

Originality: 6/10

Recommendability: 6/10

Soundtrack: 6/10

Writing: 13/20

Overall: 62/100

Theater/Redbox/None: I’d have to go Redbox on this one.


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    Fugees and funions.

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