Entertainment Inspirations: London Calling

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There’s nothing better than the summer Olympics. Nothing. Listening to Bugler’s Dream, or even Chris Brown’s “Dreamer” from 2008 always gets my blood rushing, just imagining how crazy it must feel to be at that caliber. Someday… someday I will go to an Olympics, most likely as a spectator. Until then, I’ll sit here on my couch, dropping my jaw at perfectly synchronized dives, tragic mistakes, and tear-inducing victories. Go America.

  1. Boys, never forget the titillating quality of a slightly tight tee. You might not look like an Olympian, but this tee from Swell is about as good as it gets. Plus, the graphic fuses a cross with a shark fin.
  2. If you can’t pull off a speedo like Lochte, never fear. A dark pair of jeans in the right size can help your girlfriend forget that you haven’t been to the gym in six month– years.
  3. These Billy Reid duds look comfy and casual, like you’d slip them on after running a marathon.
  4. If I were in London, I would wear these. Every single day. Who cares that Burberry is cliche? Not this girl.
  5. I’ve done a bunch of roundups, and these are the first item I’m actually planning on buying. Skinny polka-dotted perfection.
  6. I don’t think anything says classic Americana like a striped sweater. And yes, it’s from J.Crew. Deal.
  7. $50 sunglasses from Target? Yep. But since they’re from Target, in my mind, they’re only $15.
  8. Guys. It’s time to accept the man-bag. This one, from ASOS reminds me of the British flag, and I like it.
  9. Another pair of sunglasses from Target? Yep. Surrounded in gold, just like our athletes (I hope).

So, here’s hoping that Gabby Douglas wins gold, Jordyn Weiber gets over it, and that no one dies in a water polo match.

Until next time (2016 in Rio),




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