PBS Continues to Win the Internet

First, there was a little diddy that was floating around the internet featuring the late, great Mr. Rogers. It was called, “Garden of Your Mind.” I didn’t watch it for awhile, because I just assumed it was another random YouTube video I’d get to eventually if it was in fact quality.

Then a close friend posted it on my Facebook wall and I watched… and I loved it! Pure gold… Mr. Rogers meets the Auto-Tune, remix YouTube world… and the magic he brought to childhood and humanity had never been stronger. In case you’ve been living under a rock…

Well, for those of us thinking PBS Digital Studios (the most shocking part was that PBS themselves had put together “Garden of your Mind”) was a one-hit wonder, they’ve done it again. The internet is starting to catch on to their follow up.  How we didn’t see a slow jam from Bob Ross painting coming up next… I’ll never know.  So I present to you, Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting… REMIXED AND AUTO-TUNED!

Happy Little Clouds, indeed!

Who’s ready for a PBS Digital Studios DJ’d dance party? I am.

My only question is how will PBS follow these up? Big Bird? Lamb Chop? Antiques Roadshow? Barney the Dinosaur? Berenstain Bears? Ringo Starr vs. George Carlin Mr. Conductor Dance Off?

The sky’s the limit. Keep going, PBS Digital Studios. Keep winning the internet!


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