Entertainment Inspirations: Moonrise Kingdom

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It became painfully obviously this weekend that there aren’t enough seats in Nashville’s independent, non-profit theater, the Belcourt. With the much anticipated arrival of Wes Anderson’s ode to childhood love, Moonrise Kingdom, Nashville flooded the auditorium like it was the start of the Country Music Marathon. Multiple sold-out shows, and an extended showtime schedule are further proof that hipster or not, this is a movie you really shouldn’t miss. If you’re thinking you’ll just wait ‘til it is available on Netflix, I love you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  1. A good portion of the movie, set in the 1960s, takes place within the confines of charming fabric tents. Ditch the soggy mess those would create for this $280 two-person mobile home.
  2. Where’s my record player? Without one, I’m not sure how you’ll reinact the perfect moves of  Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop. An alternate, but equally rad option, are these thump trunks: suitcases with built in boom-boxes.
  3. Never have I wanted a coon-skin cap more than now. Was he a good coon, you ask? Well, who’s to say.
  4. I debated whether or not to include an undergarment in this roundup, but what the heck. Plus, this one is $520, so I’m pretty sure it’s fancy, and worth looking at. Any troubled child would proudly wear it openly in front of a troop of Khaki Scouts.
  5. This dress is awesome. And only $21. Worth it, even just for halloween. Wait. Don’t steal my idea.
  6. These exist.
  7. Whether you’re a fan of red or yellow saddle shoes isn’t really my business. But on behalf of my mother, whose been trying to get me in a pair since my 4th birthday, thank you, Wes Anderson. I’ve seen the light.
  8. These “Andy” Lookmatic glasses are the perfect replica of Shakusky’s round specs. Though my husband prides himself on 20/20 vision, I’m tempted to stop feeding him carrots so he has to buy these.
  9. If you don’t splurge on the bra, maybe splurge on this romantic yellow luggage, which reportedly can support the weight of a one-ton elephant.
  10.  Channel your inner magical powers with this necklace, a perfect homage to Suzy Bishop.
  11.  Why this coat is just for little girls is beyond me. Just another example of children dressing and acting like adults: the situational irony that pervades my life and  Moonrise Kingdom.

Though Moonrise Kingdom is no Sandlot, it’s certainly a movie worth seeing and remembering that at one time or another, we’re all just kids trying to be adults.

Until next time, who is that bimbo?


ps. Here’s the schedule of Belcourt showings of Moonrise Kingdom, go see it while you have the chance!


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