Movie Review: People Like Us

Well it was certainly nice to see Elizabeth Banks is back as a human after playing the role of cotton candy in The Hunger Games movie.

Chris Pine plays a pretty generic and interchangeable, handsome and unnaturally charming 30 year old. You know the type where most guys watch the performance and want to punch the guy while the girls drool all over the place? You know the kind where every guy is thinking to themselves that no guy would actually say anything the guy on screen is saying? And every girl thinks it’s the sweetest and most charming interactions?

I do feel like, given the inherent cheesy nature of the story, both do a pretty good job overall though. And it really wasn’t quite as cheesy as I expected either. I mean, I haven’t seen hardly any soap operas. I haven’t seen any Lifetime movies. I just kind of imagine them being a little bit like People Like Us though. (Unfortunately no one comes back from the dead).

All that being said, I have to admit I actually really enjoyed this movie though and found it entertaining. It’s a bit overly dramatic and soap-y but there is also a good amount of genuine heart in it. It’s also inspired by a true story, which after The Blind Side,¬†means nothing to me.

I’m also psyched to report that I had the pleasure of sitting next to two elderly women for my viewing experience. They cracked me up throughout the entire movie because of their hearing issues. The one sitting closest to me couldn’t hear a lot of the movie and her friend would lean over and repeat a lot of it. This definitely included the few crude jokes in the movie and my favorite interaction that went a little something like this…

Woman 1: What did she say?

Woman 2: She called him a dick.

Woman 1: A what?

Woman 2: A dick.

Woman 1: I still don’t know what you’re saying!


Woman 1: Ohhhhhh a dick!

Me: Why am I always blessed with being surrounded by ridiculous people?

That’s about all that’s worthy of sharing on this one. I have continued to tweak my scoring system though and I now have categories adding up to 100 point,s including a recommendability category, which is definitely not a real word. Just roll with it. I’ll also share below whether it’s worth seeing in theaters, Redbox, or none of the above.

Acting: 14/20

Cinematography: 7/10

Directing: 7/10

Memorability: 6/10

Originality: 7/10

Recommendability: 7/10

Soundtrack: 8/10

Writing: 14/20

Overall: 70/100

Theater/Redbox/None: This one is right on the line of theater and Redbox. You won’t be disappointed if you see it in the theater but I think you’re probably better served to wait.


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