Feeny Friday – “The B-Team of Life”

This week’s Feeny Friday comes to us from Friend of The Wise Guise and regular guest blogger, Jay “Jayzor” Salato. Some call him Coach Jayzor. Some just call him Coach. Regardless, he’s back in America, back to living the summer life of a teacher, and back to spending regular time with Mr. Feeny himself. Enjoy this week’s Feeny Friday from him and, as always, here’s the video if you want to follow along at home… Happy Feeny Friday! Read all the way to the end to read the lyrics of a Jayzor original diddy in tribute to Boy Meets World, which holds a special place in Joseph and Jay’s best friendship as they began their friendship over watching Boy Meets World every Wednesday afternoon together.

Boy Meets World: Season 1, Episode 14 “The B-Team of Life”

There are many perks to being a teacher. These include the ability to change young students’ lives, the ability to remain a lifelong learner, and the ability to take extravagant (well, maybe not “extravagant”) vacations during the summer break. One of the most overlooked advantages is the ability to plan your summer days around watching “Boy Meets World” on ABC Family.

This morning, I had the pleasure of watching an episode from Season One of BMW called “The B-Team of Life.” Cory’s excitement about making the basketball team is quickly extinguished when he finds that he is on the second string, the B-team, the JV squad, if you will. (Now, you must understand two things about the second string at John Adams Middle School: (1) they never get to play and (2) they don’t even travel to away games.) As Cory starts to get down on himself, his entire life mirrors his basketball situation. He feels like he is on the second string (or perhaps even the third string) in his own family. He is being ignored by coaches, family, and friends. As the title of the episode indicates, it is quite clear that Cory feels that he is on “the B-team of life.”

One night, Cory returns home to find his house empty. No siblings, no parents. His immediate assumption is that his family has abandoned him. He sneaks into Mr. Feeny’s backyard to try to steal Feeny’s chicken off of his grill (minor detail), but is caught in the act. This is a blessing in disguise, of course, because Feeny’s wisdom always prevails. Cory simply and plainly explains the situation to Mr. Feeny. Like a true teacher and mentor, Mr. Feeny listens first and then corrects. Cory is operating under the false assumption that his family does not care about him. On the contrary, his entire family has traveled to a nearby town to see his game, even knowing that the second string usually does not play. Mr. Feeny explains to Cory that this is the difference between human beings and animals: the ability to genuinely care about others and love unconditionally.

As the episode ends, we find out that Cory actually got to play in the game and even scored six points. This fact, along with the points scored, is irrelevant, of course.

Here are my take-away points from the episode:

– Kids, especially middle schoolers, can be sensitive.

– Adults, even the Matthews, can be insensitive.

– Families must communicate well and love unconditionally.

It’s that simple.

As a bonus to this Feeny Friday post, I am posting the lyrics to my proposed “Boy Meets World” theme song that I wrote in a songwriting class at Vanderbilt. If you want to hear the song, you must ask me to perform it in person. I will.

“Boy Meets World”

by Jay Salato

© 2005


The first of September fell on a Friday back in 1993

An idea was born at 7 o’clock, and it wasn’t hard to see

This could be big, and it could take off in just a few episodes

So a man bought a spot on TGIF, and all he could do was hope…


It’s the story of a boy

Meeting the world

Needing a friend

Chasing a girl

It’s a lesson for us all

Who find life a bore

Who want to be stars

We can be more (Yeah, we can be more)


In just thirty minutes, they created a buzz that no one had seen before

We knew it was a special, not just another run-of-the-mill type of show

The actors were young, and they looked normal, just like you and me

That was the idea, yeah, that was the catch. They wanted the world to see…



Remember when Cory and Topanga broke up when a new guy stepped on the scene

But with the help of a teacher and a friend, they finally got back together again

Haven’t we all been there before?

Haven’t we all need someone to show us…



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