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The Roberts Wager: How the Chief Justice Made the Riskiest Bet in Supreme Court History

1x1.trans The Roberts Wager: How the Chief Justice Made the Riskiest Bet in Supreme Court History

Well, it happened. As the liberals began to write their “final” obituaries for the honor, integrity, and independence of the highest court in the land and the conservatives began salivating at getting a big judicial victory of their own… as legal scholars (of which everyone was today) and cable news pundits began to wonder about what would happen to an individual-mandate-less ObamaCare bill between now and election day… the Court did what the Supreme Court so often does – surprise every single one of us.

I sit down at the end of a long day, where I read and summarized the entire majority and dissent decisions.  I only skimmed Ginsburg’s ode to limitless government and read summaries of its love of centralized power.  And what’s on my mind? What do I have to offer the blog world that hasn’t already been said by better writers, better thinkers, and ladies and gentlemen who get paid to do this?

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The Ten: Best Years For Summer Movies

1x1.trans The Ten: Best Years For Summer Movies

“Movies are a fad. Audiences really want to see live actors on a stage.” -Charlie Chaplin

Ok so Charlie was a little off. Not only have movies proven to not be a fad, they have evolved into these grand events in society. The summer movie season has been king since the late 1970’s and today I’m going to examine what I would consider to be the top 10 years for summer movies. As this year’s crop of summer movies is entering full swing I thought it was an appropriate time to do these rankings. I think the biggest deciding factor I used in evaluating them was the longevity of the movies that were released that summer. The other main factor I used was the impact the specific movies had on the times in which they were released. Continue reading

Dissecting “Dear John”

1x1.trans Dissecting Dear John

On the way to work this morning “Dear John” by the lovely and talented Taylor Swift came on my radio was deliberately listened to on my iPod. This is not the first time I have heard it intentionally scrolled to Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now to select this gem on my way to work. But today, it struck a much different chord. Instead of animatedly singing along and stopping when I got to red lights to avoid embarrassment, I actually took a moment to listen to the words to see if I could really feel the pain she was trying to convey. Continue reading

Entertainment Inspirations: Summer with The Sandlot

1x1.trans Entertainment Inspirations: Summer with The Sandlot

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

I own approximately eight movies. Two of them are Baz Luhrmann films that I will speak of another time. Two are suspense thrillers. Two are 90s’ teen flicks. One is Shawshank Redemption. And the last, my dearies, is The Sandlot. Also known as the best movie ever made in the world. Continue reading

The Bachelorette: Episode Seven Commentary

1x1.trans The Bachelorette: Episode Seven Commentary

“I wanna date you so hard and marry the f-ck out of you.”

These are the words One-F-Jef said to me last night during the latest installment of The Bachelorette.  You probably thought he was talking to Emily, but you were wrong.  His skinny jeans were looking at me.  And his outer wrist tattoo? That’s of my given name, Elizabeth.  In case you missed it.

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