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Elenowen Q&A: Part I

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Welcome to The Wise Guise interview with Nashville, TN duo, Elenowen! I’m thrilled that they were gracious enough to join us and can’t encourage you enough to purchase their new self-titled EP and if you’re in Nashville join them for their album release show at Third & Lindsley on Saturday night at 9pm! Part two of the interview will come in a couple weeks before their show at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN.

The Bachelorette: Episode Two Commentary

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This is the most authentic season of The Bachelorette in history, guys!  The first date was baking cookies in Emily’s “real” house, and taking the suitor to Ricky’s “real” soccer practice. (Kid doesn’t look like much of an athlete to me).   She didn’t wear a custom made prom dress until about an hour and fifteen minutes in, and they didn’t even get on a plane until later in the show.  And they got in a private plane to go to …

Great American Novels & the Attempt at Great Film Adaptations

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What is the Great American Novel? This is one of my favorite questions to ask people to get a quick read on their personality, approach towards pop culture, literature, and feelings on America. Based on how informed/passionate/apathetic someone is, asking someone about politics doesn’t always give you a true answer about what they truly think about America, at least as far as its strengths, weaknesses, history, culture, and themes go. No big deal – just some light dinner topics.

Survivor: Philippines Odds & Analysis on Who Will Return

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Now that we’re more than a week past the always-fun Survivor finale Sunday, crowning another deserving champion (even if the second two-thirds of the season were no where near as exciting as the Colton-fueled first third) and leaving me, your resident Survivor expert and reigning Wise Guise Fantasy Survivor Champion, a winner once again. But the past is the past and ol’ Probst left us with quite the tease to keep us thinking throughout the summer, while we spend our …

2012 Summer Movie Guide

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The following is a list of every movie scheduled to be released in May-July this year. If you click on the title, it will pull up a trailer for the film. After May is over I’ll update it to include August.

Liz Riggs: The Bachelorette Premiere

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The Bachelorette is back and it’s harder to make fun of than ever. Because Emily Maynard’s ex-fiance baby daddy died in a plane crash before she had the chance to tell him she was pregnant with their child, I’m going to really have to focus on the douche bag contestants and the fact that Chris Harrison is wearing a wedding ring. And the fact that this show is vastly unfair to people who are ugly.

Netflix Streaming Suggestions: Part Nine

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Chances are I’ll end up just going 10 parts to the series. I might expand into just general movies and television suggestions or I might take a break for a while and regroup and maybe do some rankings by genre. If anyone has any ideas for that or would want me/us to do a certain thing feel free to comment and let us know! I don’t claim to be an expert but I do think I have a solid track …