Netflix Streaming Suggestions: Part Eight

Welcome to week 8 of the Netflix streaming suggestions. Again, these are not ranked in any particular order, just another 5 suggestions for this week of things you may not have seen that I would recommend. If you have any suggestions for me of things you haven’t seen mentioned yet feel free to share them in the comments section. Enjoy!

1. Kevin Hart: Seriously FunnyIf you have been to Colin and I’s house odds are we have forced you to watch this. Most people go into it skeptical and then laugh for the entire duration of the act. It’s definitely worth checking out.

2. SubmarineSolid British indie comedy that was produced by Ben Stiller last year. I loved the style of it and thought it was funny and insightful.

3. Swamp PeopleThis is another thing that is often forced upon people when they come to our house. I think Swamp People is one of the most entertaining shows on television period. Kind of along the lines of Grizzly Man or Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie this show is just full of people that simply can’t be real, but are.

4. The Grapes of WrathYou can pretty much disregard the trailer below because it might make you not want to watch it. However, John Ford’s adaptation of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath is a true classic and one of the greatest films ever made. I originally watched it because I was working my way through AFI’s Top 100 films list and was prepared for it to be a snooze but I was actually pleasantly surprised. The dialogue and insight into the human condition are what make this worth watching and I’d highly recommend giving it a fair shot.

5. The IT Crowd I’d call The IT Crowd a British Better Off Ted of sorts. Kind of nerd humor but also with a solid, subtle wit to it that makes it enjoyable to anyone. It also stars the cop guy from Bridesmaids who I thought was a terrible casting job during the film but after watching The IT Crowd I can see what they were going for. He’s far funnier and more entertaining on the show. This isn’t one of my absolute favorite shows or anything but as far as half-hour-time-killer-comedies go, it’s a winner.

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