Letter to The Memphis Flyer Tuesday Twitter Trivia Powers That Be

Each Tuesday at 2 PM some member of The Memphis Flyer’s staff poses a trivia question to the weekly magazine’s Twitter followers. The first person to respond correctly is awarded a prize. The prize is usually $40 in credit at The Flying Saucer and four Malco movie passes. Sometimes it’s not as great, like a free t-shirt, and sometimes it’s way better, like Bonnaroo tickets.

I play every week, and I have never won. And honestly it pisses me right off because each week I respond with the correct answer within about 30 seconds of the question being posted, and somehow, someone is always a split-second faster than me.

Here is a letter I wrote to whoever asks these weekly brain busters in hopes that the participants might see some degree of change in the future, mainly a degree of change that offers an actual challenge.

I’m sure you can relate some portion of your life to my diatribe, but if not, give it a look anyway. If for nothing else, it might give you ideas about how to get someone’s attention. First sure-fire way? Write them a letter. People always read letters. Never send an e-mail; it’s too easy to delete those. But when someone sees a hand addressed envelope and a real signature on a letter, he or she is going to read it most of the time. Obviously celebrities and the President are exceptions to this rule.

With all of that being said, here are my thoughts:


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3 Responses to Letter to The Memphis Flyer Tuesday Twitter Trivia Powers That Be

  1. Yeshua

    Well done, Warner. An educated response to lazy marketing.

  2. Chris

    how many times have you won since you wrote this letter… including yesterday?

    • Warner Russell

      Three times.

      Have used 2 of the 12 movie passes.

      Used the Flying Saucer gift cards last night. Won them about a year ago.

      Have yet to use other gift cards. (Sekisui and Interim)

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