He Said, She Said: The Avengers

Now that Joseph has finished his Law School finals, He Said, She Said is back! This time America’s couple gives each of their thoughts on The Avengers!

He Said: After its record-smashing opening weekend at the box office and overwhelming high marks by critics, my expectations rose a bit for The Avengers. Before, I was just excited at the cool concept of so many superheroes in one movie and for the official launch of the 2012 summer movie season. By the time I saw it on Tuesday night, I had high hopes for this to be the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight. And it was! But I couldn’t help but sit there for a good bit of the movie thinking to myself how much better Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy (thus far) is than every other superhero movie of the past decade. While the newest trailer for The Amazing Spiderman has me really excited for that series’ grittier take and while I absolutely adored the ever-entertaining Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man in those two films, it’s just not fair to include Nolan’s Batman films in the same discussion with other superhero movies. So, if you want a true summer blockbuster with top-tier special effects exploding things throughout but don’t want to dumb yourself down to the level of the Transformers movies, The Avengers is for you. It’s Hollywood being Hollywood, giving the audience, no matter who it is, exactly what they want in a popcorn film. What’s better than a superhero movie? A superhero movie with 7 superheroes! The witty exchanges, the manly pissing contest brawls, the feminine wiles of Scarlett Johansson tricking those silly men. It’s an excellent, *** stars out of 4 start to the summer movie season. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t blow your mind. But it blows everything else up, and along the way you can’t help but absolutely love Robert Downey Jr. once again as Tony Stark and Mark Ruffalo as the Bruce Banner that Hollywood has been trying to get the last ten years with limited success. In a film with as many superstars as super heroes, those two actors stole the show… as much as the show could be stolen when it’s driven by almost every Marvel superhero ever having to learn to work together to stop a world-destroying apocalypse by aliens. It’s not the greatest movie that will come out this summer, but it will surely be one of the funnest. And that’s exactly what we need to get the summer movie season started right.

She Said: I really liked Scarlett Johansson in her role as the Black Widow. I thought The Avengers themselves were cool. However, it was awkward sometimes when they were together. The sense of Thor, a demigod or whatever they call him, vs. everyone else didn’t quite mesh and work out at times. The alien villains were not believable. I get that it’s not real, but I just couldn’t care about them. And what’s up with the main protagonist being a greasy haired dweeb?! I didn’t really worry once that The Avengers wouldn’t win.  I played games on my phone or caught up on the news whenever the aliens were onscreen, front and center. Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk was great, though. Overall, I don’t really recommend the movie but it did make me want to go back and watch Iron Man… and not fall asleep this time.


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  1. Paul Preketes

    Hey Joe,
    Just saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I thought I was being dragged to a chick flick but I really enjoyed it. 7 British retirees, decide to retire to this “luxurious” but inexpensive hotel in Jaipur India. When they get to the hotel it is anything but luxurious. Most of them learn to enjoy and the few back stories are interesting. Having been to India, and been in that culture and environment, I really enjoyed the movie. Mixes British and India humor with the idiosyncracies of the Indian city. Stars Judith Dench, Maggie Smith.

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