Google Search Fun Bag: Round Two

We had some good searches that somehow lead people to our blog these past weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Time to have some fun with it. I’m a little rusty with my wit so please excuse me if I don’t generate side splitting laughter in every sentence like usual. Let’s go.

Kim survivor mustache
This is solely being added to the Google fun bag because Joseph’s Survivor team won, and unlike Kat, I don’t forgive so easily. Yes she has a mustache, most notable during the night vision segments. Also, I am glad at least four people were curious about that mysterious lip hair. Must have been her secret to manipulating all those sucker Survivor contestants.

Hows the WNBA doing-2
Really? I guess these two people were looking to invest large sums of money into the WNBA, but first wanted to make sure they were making a well educated decision by “googling” it prior to wire transferring money. I can only assume they have also responded to the emails about receiving money from an “African Prince”. Good news, there are still thousands of season tickets left to buy. So what are you waiting for you silly geese!

Let me watch this movie undefeated football
Isn’t Google used to as an information hub? Does this person think they must ask for permission first? Umm, excuse me sir, you are allowed to do things on your own without Google’s permission, at least for now. I saw the Hunger Games, I know the direction our country is heading towards, and Google might be the culprit.

I’m wise and upset
Well thanks for letting us know that juicy bit of information. Are they upset because they are wise? Why can’t I just be dumb like the rest of these humanoids(failed attempt at intellectual impersonation). But I am curious to what type of results come back from a search like this one? Seems like it would be better fit as an EHarmony personal profile tid-bit.

Meaning there is no perfect cookie
Well, let me try to explain this one. In every bag of Chips Ahoy there are hundreds of chocolate chips, but not every cookie is equipped with same amount of chocolatey morsels. Therefore, just like in America, some “cookies” have more to offer than others. Isn’t capitalism great? You’re welcome Joseph. Not all cookies are created equally.

How do I get past my brother in bball
Looks like a few of my brothers are searching every possibility to find a way to beat me. I’m flattered. But google won’t help you. Only my age and skill deterioration will help you in this matter.

What possibilities are there for their youth?
Lots. Next question. More importantly why is this person’s concern for “their youth” so vital. Is this a nosy neighbor overstepping their boundary? “Yeah, you know Jimmy and Shiela’s kids ain’t the brightest.” (Read in the most country tone possible)

Society not angry enough
I bet they are friends with the occupy wall street folk. “I mean they just don’t get it. The societal injustices that are constantly going unnoticed are running rampant in America. Society is not angry enough bro.” I just wish the Google search results were as apathetic as they are with “doing” something about a problem.

What is Josh Smith doing this summer
Nice rhetorical Google search Josh. I know you were popular in your first guest post, but don’t let it go to your head and start this third person speaking.

I want to write a song about how I’m hustling
In true hustle form, they are getting someone else to do the dirty work. Although, I am hesitant about the outcome of this particular song because they left the G on the end of their Google search, totally skewing the results for lyrical inspiration. I’m not sure a song about sweat and effort has much traction with today’s listeners.

Why Gay and Randolph don’t together
Here is my interpretation of this search. Try and stay with me if you can. If not, oh well. Totally wasn’t my fault. Remember how people would give you a ‘look” instead of actually saying a word or phrase? For example, “You know Scott and Lauren (gives look consisting of eyebrow raising and bulgy eyes) last summer at that party?” This is how I picture this Google search read. Let’s all practice now, say it with me. “Why Gay and Randolph don’t (insert look) together.” The potential for what could be insinuated here is limitless.

Job market in Casablanca for Americans
Didn’t know Casablancans(just a guess) used Monster. Props to them for staying with the times. Boy, life must be tough for this person. How many other job markets were explored before they were just like, “Screw it, let’s see what Casablanca has going on. Bogart thrived there, why can’t I?” That would be one expensive interview. Not sure if I would want the call back for a second interview or not. I

Well, that’s all folks. Have a good Monday and we will see you next time on The Wise Guise Google Search Fun Bag.

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  1. Yeshua

    Josh Smith was trying to see if the dunk champion was in a summer pickup league. Get off Josh Smith’s back.

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