Final Fantasy Survivor Challenge Standings

Well, it’s a wrap folks. Below are the final standings.

Team Joseph, Reigning Survivor Fantasy Wise Guise Champion:  121 points
Kim: Survivor: One World Champion: 50 points

Like a great poker player with always a deadly number of chips but not putting himself out there as the top dawg to be gunned down, my team was poised to strike and win in the end the entire season. Some revisionist historians like Clayton will claim they had the best draft looking back at it, but the final tally stands for itself. As it should be, even though the race was extremely tight going into Survivor Finale Sunday, the best team with the best player won Survivor and gave me the dominant win for this season.

I’d like to thank my family and friends for watching Survivor with me since the summer of 2000. I’d like to thank the internet message boards, video games, Jeff Probst tweets, Dalton Ross articles (can’t wait for next season already) but alas I’ll have to wait through another summer of Big Brother first), church youth group Survivor lock-ins, and the contestants. I’d like to thank the Americans that are willing to play. This was just a so-so season, at best, but it still had some high moments with great drama, great moments like Sabrina’s speech on Day 39. I’ve always wanted to be in Survivor on Day 39. Until that happens, dominating these fools on Wise Guise Fantasy Survivor will have to do.

Props to Kim, finally. Her dominant gameplay strategically and in challenges made it for a less-than-dramatic season at times, but makes her all-the-more a deserving Survivor champion. Chelsea and Sabrina played great games too… but they just never had a chance with Kim in the final three with them. Would they have voted her out before the final 3 had Kim not had her final run of immunity dominance? The world will never know. But we do know that Kim is a true Survivor champion. She outwitted. She outplayed. She outlasted. That’s what it’s all about. That, and the footsteps of Tarzan’s wife’s footprints on that island. A connection between human and island that hasn’t been seen since Lost went off the air.

Team Colin aka “Blown Save” Final Total: 91 points
Sabrina: 2nd place – 20 points

Team Clayton aka “If Only Colton Would Have Stayed In” Final Total: 71 points
Chelsea: 3rd place – 12 points


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