Blast From The Past: 10-Year-Old Joseph Reviews 1997 Summer Movies

I’ve always been a movie nerd. From the time I could walk, I got a picture of myself and jammed it into the VCR to try to watch myself on TV. (Guess I’ve also always been kind of egotistical too…) So as I grew up and watched old movies with my parents on TV, rented entire genres at a time from local Mom & Pop video rental stores (R.I.P… gone, but not forgotten), and frequented the $1.50 discount movie theater and Summer Morning Kids Movie Festivals with my mom and cousins, I loved to tell people what I thought. (Guess I’ve always been opinionated.)

Other than talking to anyone who would listen (and sometimes some who had no choice), I’ve communicated my movie reviews in various ways over the years. Now that The Wise Guise exists, I’ll type them up as a comment on a Clayton movie review, write my own review, or lay out my thoughts as they compare to my wife’s in a He Said, She Said column. Before that, I tweeted 140 characters or less with my star rating and comments. During college, I was known for tracking my summer movie rankings and annual movie rankings on my Facebook profile via the favorite movies section and Facebook notes. (Not gone, but mostly forgotten).

But there was a time of GeoCities and when AOL was king when I had a movie review website. If not for the amazing technological skill and caring of my Uncle Jake (who probably took me to more movies in my life than anyone else… starting with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1990 when I was 4 years old), these first online film reviews would be lost forever. My uncle saved them and later sent them to me, where they’ve been saved in GMail archives for eternity or until the internet apocalypse…

So enjoy 10-year-old Joseph’s movie reviews of Disney’s Hercules, Batman & Robin, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Anaconda. ¬†They are left in their original format, errors intact, for your reading pleasure.

For what it’s worth, my ratings of the four movies now would go something like this, with the comments about the same.

Hercules: ***
Batman & Robin: **
Anaconda: ** 1/2
The Lost World: Jurassic Park: ***

But there’s something magical about the movie-loving mind of a ten-year old. Of course I loved The Lost World and Hercules more then than I do now. I now believe that the original Jurassic Park is better, but 10-year-old me definitely loved the T-Rex on the loose in the big city vibe.

So as the summer movie season hits its stride and you read comments, reviews, and ramblings on this site and others, step back into time with me and read my thoughts on films from a decade and a half ago. Think back to how old you were then and how you viewed movies (and life) differently. Enjoy.


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6 Responses to Blast From The Past: 10-Year-Old Joseph Reviews 1997 Summer Movies

  1. Jake

    I forgot Jennifer Lopez was in that movie?
    The first Jurassic Park was the best.

  2. Wyatt

    “The Japanese businessmen add a great touch.”

    Don’t they always? Well played.

  3. brian

    “I like batgirl”


    I wish i had my 10 year old voice preserved like this.

  4. Regina

    Love the great picture of the cute kids. They look very happy. What great writing ability at age ten. If law doesn’t work you could alwys be a movie critic! LOL

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