2012 Summer Movie Guide

The following is a list of every movie scheduled to be released in May-July this year. If you click on the title, it will pull up a trailer for the film. After May is over I’ll update it to include August.


May 4- The Avengers Check out our He Said, She Said post!

May 11- Dark Shadows Tim Burton film based on the cult TV series. Stars Johnny Depp and you’ll never guess who else…Helena Bonham Carter! I know, right?!

May 16- The Dictator Regardless of your opinion on Sacha Baron Cohen you have to admit he is brilliant at creating buzz and his own style of over the top humor.

May 18- BattleshipI mean they spend $200,000,000 on it so it has to be good right!?

May 18- Damsels in Distress Well if nothing else you know any Whit Stillman project will have intelligent, witty dialogue.

May 18- The Kid With A Bike Really well reviewed. I saw it and didn’t think it was nearly as profound as most critics said.

May 18- What to Expect When You’re Expecting Based on the book. Stars Cameron Diaz, Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, Dennis Quaid and Brooklyn Decker. Likely to have a couple laugh evoking moments but not much to it.

May 25- Bernie I’m admittedly not a big Jack Black fan but critics say he does a great job in this crime comedy that has been compared to an “East Texas version of Fargo.”

May 25- Chernobyl Diaries This is another creation by Oren Peli who created Paranormal Activity. It strikes me as a larger budgeted version of a B-list horror movie. Anytime six people are together to “explore” a place they know they shouldn’t be it just tends to be a silly movie only scary because of the jumpy moments.

May 25- Men in Black III These were my jam when I was younger. While I’m pretty sure it’s a “hey we could totally do this and make lots of money” movie, I’m sure it will be fun.

May 25- Best Exotic Marigold Hotel This one is for our older readers. This looks like a sweet and heart-warming…rental.


June 1- Battlefield America Hahahahahahaha.

June 1- For Greater GloryNot sure what to do with this yet. It has a good cast and a plot that centers on a topic that hasn’t really been touched but something about it just says flop.

June 1- Snow White And The HuntsmanNot really sure what to do with this at this point but I know every girl is turning their nose up to it. Why? Kristen Stewart plays Snow White…

June 1- Sound Of My Voice I must admit that I find this surprisingly intriguing. I actually have a pretty good feeling that this will be a subtle success.

June 8- First Position Uplifting children’s ballet documentary. Will be a huge success in it’s incredibly small target market but won’t be seen by many people until it likely gets its Oscar nomination.

June 8- Madagascar 3 Yep, we’re still doing this apparently.

June 8- PrometheusRidley Scott’s return to the epic and sci-fi genres. I think it’s going to be unreal good.

June 15- Peace, Love, & MisunderstandingInitial feeling is great performances in an all too familiar plot.

June 15- Rock Of Ages Absurd cast and absurd plot. I think this is getting a little bit too much early credit. And I could be wrong but it was directed by Adam Shankman who has directed one movie over 35% on Rotten Tomatoes and has multiple that racked up single digit scores.

June 15- That’s My Boy Please make it stop Adam Sandler, please.

June 15- The IntouchablesSee Josh Smith’s thoughts here.

June 22- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterRidiculous and not in an exciting way.

June 22- BravePixar’s effort to redeem itself after Cars 2

June 22- Magic Mike Steven Soderbergh directs Channing Tatum in a dramedy about a male stripper. Yep, that’s happening.

June 22- Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Stars Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley. Likely exactly what you’re thinking based on the title and stars.

June 29- G.I. Joe: Retaliation I’d rather play real life Frogger on a busy street than go see this movie.

June 29- Moonrise KingdomYay another Wes Anderson movie for people to be snobby about! And this applies to both sides of liking and disliking his movies. His movies seem to bring out the people who like them just because they want to seem hip and then the people who hate them because of the other people who only like them to seem hip.

June 29- People Like UsThe trailer seems uber cheesy but I feel like this could be a decent movie.

June 29- Turn Me On Dammit This one is a quirky foreign comedy that has been well reviewed.



July 3- The Amazing Spider-Man Already a decent bit of negative buzz but it’s too early to really know how this will be. It’s supposed to be in the line of the recent Batman reboot but I find it really hard to believe that it will be anywhere near that level. I’m pretty sure it will be deemed a highly profitable flop; also known as a green-lighted sequel to come!

July 5- Katy Perry: Part Of Me Why?

July 6- SavagesNew Oliver Stone film starring John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Benicio Del Toro.

July 6- Your Sister’s SisterI’m a big Mark Duplass fan and I think this will be a solid movie.

July 7- Beasts of the Southern Wild Very well reviewed touching story about a young girl trying to find her mother.

July 13- Ice Age: Continental DriftNew ideas are overrated in Hollywood these days. Just find one good idea and milk it until it stops making money.

July 13- TedComedy from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Joel McHale.

July 20- The Dark Knight RisesThis likely can’t be over-hyped. Or I pray that’s the case anyway, because we’re all going to give it our best shot!

July 27- Step Up: Revolution Hahahahahahahahaha.

July 27- The Watch I would absolutely love it for this to be a good movie. It’s rare for a bunch of comedy stars to come together and make anything worth watching anymore but let’s hope this is an exception.


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3 Responses to 2012 Summer Movie Guide

  1. Mary

    Clayton, I will totes go see First Position with you.

  2. Elise

    Follow-up thoughts:

    hahaha, a big AMEN to Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristin Stewart is the fairest of them all? I don’t think so.

    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel WAS a sweet and heart-warming one. And yes, probably a good rental. The old lady in me loved it though.

    Battleship stars Tim Riggins. So…there’s that.

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter–I know, I know. But it has a strong preview. I’d see it if it wasn’t about vampires or Lincoln killing them. Sadly though, that is all that it is about.

    The Dark Knight Rises AHHHHHH pomepfmoweioijwier

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