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Letter to The Memphis Flyer Tuesday Twitter Trivia Powers That Be

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Each Tuesday at 2 PM some member of The Memphis Flyer’s staff poses a trivia question to the weekly magazine’s Twitter followers. The first person to respond correctly is awarded a prize. The prize is usually $40 in credit at The Flying Saucer and four Malco movie passes. Sometimes it’s not as great, like a free t-shirt, and sometimes it’s way better, like Bonnaroo tickets. I play every week, and I have never won. And honestly it pisses me right …

The Bachelorette: Episode Three Commentary

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Just so we’re clear, Stevie was wearing plaid cargo shorts for much of last night’s episode.  This was hardly the main highlight from The Bachelorette, week three, but it certainly captivated my attention for the middle part of the episode.  It was a toss up between that and his impromptu dance performance for Emily’s ‘friends’ (read: hired suburban moms).  It’s shocking that she didn’t want her babby dady to be a Party MC.  Still, after some serious country-music cameos and …

Movie Review: Bernie

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It has been a little bit since my last movie review but I have come bearing the gift of a great suggestion! First we’ll start with the rankings (which I’m still hammering out the format for), then I’ll go into more depth about what I loved about Bernie. Overall: 8/10 Acting: 8.5/10 Directing: 8/10 Originality: 9/10 Plot: 8/10 Recommendability: 9/10 Style: 8/10 Writing: 8.5/10

Blast From The Past: 10-Year-Old Joseph Reviews 1997 Summer Movies

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I’ve always been a movie nerd. From the time I could walk, I got a picture of myself and jammed it into the VCR to try to watch myself on TV. (Guess I’ve also always been kind of egotistical too…) So as I grew up and watched old movies with my parents on TV, rented entire genres at a time from local Mom & Pop video rental stores (R.I.P… gone, but not forgotten), and frequented the $1.50 discount movie theater …

Feeny Friday: Grandma Was a Rolling Stone

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After Boys II Mensa aired in the fall of 1993, Boy Meets World took a week off before airing this week’s episode. Just like it did then, I had to take a break from writing Feeny Fridays during law school finals and journal write-on. Every time I sat down to write Feeny Friday, I just imagined Feeny standing there, glaring at me, not even having to speak any words and yet conveying to me a sense of disappointment in my …

Netflix Streaming Suggestions: Part Ten

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Welcome to Part Ten! I think you all know the drill by know so we’ll just get to it. This also might be my last week to do these but if you want me to keep going leave me a comment and let me know!