TV Review: Girls

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Remember that time I did my first Netflix Streaming Suggestions? My third suggestion on that list was a little indie comedy called Tiny Furniture. Little did I know, there would be a new upcoming HBO show called Girls that was written and directed by the same person. I’d like to point out that I unknowingly was getting you all ahead of the curve! I doubt anyone listened to my suggestion then and actually watched the movie though so let me go on record again in recommending Tiny Furniture again. Let me also go on record saying I loved Lena Dunham’s Girls.

In the event that you’re reading this and have no idea what this show is, here’s a trailer…

Let me make a confession before I proceed with my review. I consume WAY too many television shows and movies. I like being “the entertainment guy”. But when it comes to doing research on upcoming things coming out I actually prefer to stay mostly in the dark. I like to try to watch things without a formulated opinion and then go back and research them. I also hate knowing things really far in advance and having to wait for them (see: Arrested Development movie, each time it was previously announced as happening). So going into Girls all I knew was that it was a new HBO series and I knew Judd Apatow produced it. I don’t even think I watched a trailer for it. So when I say I suggested Tiny Furniture without any foreknowledge of Girls, that’s the honest truth.

Now fast forward to last night when I watched the show with one of my roommates and a couple other friends. We had two things set up to record (Girls and Mad Men) at the same time so we had to watch one. I’m the only person who watches Mad Men in my house so Girls it was. I gave the room the forewarning that it was a new show that Judd Apatow produced and was probably supposed to be funny. I couldn’t vouch for it though because like I said, I did no research. I didn’t even really know what it was about. I’m rarely ahead of the curve on things but I catch lots of hidden gems that fall through the cracks.

So the show starts and I immediately start making observations of the commonalities to Tiny Furniture. It’s essentially the same plot. It’s essentially the same actors. It’s essentially the same humor.

The plot is based around the struggles of girl who is a recent college grad living in New York. The show opens with her parents having dinner with her to tell her that she is being cut off financially so she can learn to support herself (or really so that her parents can get a lake house for themselves). She tries numerous rhetorical approaches to get them to reconsider, including telling them stories of other friends who don’t receive support from their parents that became drug addicts or abortion clinic frequenters.

Like I said, what I loved about the show was the same thing I loved about Tiny Furniture. And I think the show’s Executive Producer, Judd Apatow, summed it up best in a recent Huffington Post interview

“I felt like it was the kind of style I’m always dancing around. It’s very personal. It’s intimate. It’s vulnerable and hilarious. I like movies where I feel like someone is telling me something that’s important to them, sharing their lives in some respect.”

If you watched the show last night I’d love to see what you thought. It’s a pretty dry, quirky style of humor but it’s right up my alley.

If you didn’t watch the show last night, why not do so now? HBO has the pilot episode for free on YouTube here… FREE PILOT EPISODE



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