Tuesday’s With Tony: Tony Steals The Show

Here’s a fun and easy transition for my night. I spent hours studying for and insurance test, then wrote a blog post about Tony Allen. That transition went about as well as this clever pun not inserted here, which was intended to be, but my brain hasn’t allowed the funny part to be turned on just yet. Yes, I know several of my readers have already clicked away by now. But for those of you still here, I thank you. We will get there, have faith in me and my abilities to draw you in more and more. See, it’s working isn’t it.

First, we need to celebrate Tony’s impressive achievement from last night. A record was broken. Tony craftily took the ball from the opposition 8 different times last night at the FedEx Forum. Granted the Grizzlies were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, but a record is a record. His defense helped the Grizzlies win while sustaining a valiant effort from Kyrie Iriving and the Cavs. We salute your effort TA. Every one of you better be standing up, and at minimum golf clapping for @aa000g9. Actually, I think I’ve found the reason for this post. Still working on that transitioning thingy.

Tony tweeted he was headed to the game and within two minutes of that tweet guess who gave him words of encouragement? Me. I specifically tweeted “at” Tony to play well, a.k.a. put that “BEATEMDOWN” on the Cavs, so I’m now personally connected to this record breaking night. Was it my words of encouragement that inspired TA to steal more balls than a catholic priest (Clayton take this out before you publish this post, I wanted you to get a good laugh while reading, it might be my only funny of the night)? I’d like to think it was. Tony was D’Bo-ing the ball from the Cavs all night long. Is that your ball? That’s my ball now. I’m just glad my tweet can be attributed to Tony’s defensive display of greatness. Stop snickering at me. This is my dream world, don’t mess it up.  Let me stay here for a little bit longer, I don’t want to go back to studying property and casualty terms.  Did I mention I sell insurance?

On to the next part of this post.

Once again, another smooth transition executed. So I’m debating whether or not I should leave work early tomorrow. Not to study, I’m not that big of a nerd. What’s that you ask? Oh, you didn’t know? Tony Allen will be at the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis from 6:30-7:30pm at a local clothing establishment, City G.E.A.R., for an autograph session. Side note here, City G.E.A.R. could possibly have one of the top 5 catchiest catch phrases on a television/radio commercial. It is, wait for it, wait for it, “I want my City G.E.A.R.” I know I just pissed off at least 18 of you. Good luck getting that jingle out of your head. So, if I go to this autograph session I will attempt to have Tony to sign our Wise Guise t-shirt (available to the masses soon). Live tweeting is another highly likely occurrence (also an insurance term I studied tonight, assimilation complete). This blog post is over.

Also, even in his moment of greatness, Tony is still humble.


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