Netflix Suggestions: Round Four

1. Days of Heaven This is a movie that the many film buffs would agree is actually one of the best movies ever made. However, it’s also one that is vastly underrated by most people today. If you read my top 10 rankings from 2011 you saw that I put The Tree of Life at the top spot. I’m a sucker for Terrence Malick. I can’t help it. Days of Heaven is one of the few movies I’ve seen that I would put in the same class of beauty from a cinematography perspective. Also I hated the trailer I found so I’ve posted the opening scene below instead.


2. Man on WireThis one is easily one of my favorite documentaries I’ve ever seen. I feel like I watched it with my jaw on the ground nearly the entire time I was watching Man on Wire. It’s a quirky French guy who illegally set up a tightrope between the World Trade Center buildings and went for it. What’s not to love from an entertainment perspective?


3. BrickTruly unique film that takes the classic film noir elements and puts them into a high school setting. It can be a bit overwhelming and possibly over ambitious at times but overall it’s a phenomenal movie. Rian Johnson also delivers one of the better writer/director debuts of recent times.


4. Sherlock This one speaks for itself. You know the story but this brief series has a nice modern twist to it and they are very well made. I was super skeptical but once I started watching them I was hooked immediately.


5. Sports Night One of my favorite shows of all-time. I love Aaron Sorkin. I love sports. I love 90’s sitcoms. If you’re looking for a new half hour show to get into I highly suggest checking this one out.


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  1. Yeshua

    Clayton. I adore you. Sports night a sitcom? Try half-hour Sorkdramedy. It’s amazing, nonetheless. Great picks.

  2. John Pease

    I would like to see more old school live concerts like led zeplin pink floyd ect just sayin

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