Feeny Friday: Feeny Hall of Fame

For the next several weeks, I’m in that terrible time known as law school final exams. While I’ve been blissfully denying any pressure until now, now is the time I have to catch up and prepare. So while I sadly have no time to mine the depths of the next Boy Meets World episode for Feeny wisdom, I can take a much-needed break from the library and find inspiration and motivation from YouTube. So I share with you, this very happy Feeny Friday, some YouTube Feeny highlights. Enjoy!

The Infamous Feeny Call Highlight Reel

I then found many other great YouTube clips for this Feeny Hall of Fame. But then, I found this video, which had most of those as a part of the highlight reel. It’s entitled, “A Mr. Feeny Education.” There are few things better than this montage of Feeny moments. It’s nine minutes that are well worth your time today and much better than anything I could write.

Happy Feeny Friday, not from me, your resident Feeny expert, but from the man himself!

Happy Feeny Friday… from Feeny!


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2 Responses to Feeny Friday: Feeny Hall of Fame

  1. Andrew Hodges

    If you don’t cry during that you’re a robot!

  2. Regina Williams

    Feeny’s views on education helps to inspire me to be the difference in some student’s life for a life time. What wise words from Mr. Feeny!

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