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Introducing Warner Russell

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Today we at The Wise Guise are excited to publicly announce our first ever addition to the crew. Joining us on a regular basis will be Warner Russell. As you will read below, Warner fits in perfectly with the common interests we like to discuss here on The Wise Guise and we are excited to have him join the roster! “We don’t even clap the same when we living that champagne life. Sexier than a regular clap.” – Ne-Yo I …

Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

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The Five-Year Engagement: *** stars out of 4 What makes Judd Apatow and his crew’s films so good is often what also keeps them from being better. It’s the result of a balancing act that makes me respect and enjoy Apatow’s films so much for what they attempt, and yet often leaves me feeling like the films bit off more than they could chew. It’s an unfair criticism, I admit. The man who brought us TV cult hits “Freaks and …

The Memphis Grizzlies Case For Support

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“If right now I had to stake my life on one team making the NBA Finals it would be the Memphis Grizzlies.” -Bill Simmons As some of you know, I work in the non-profit world. For non-profit organizations to survive it is essential to have a solid case for support together to share with prospective donors. Every charity organization is trying to do good in an area of need and they are all competing for the same dollars from prospective …

Netflix Streaming Suggestions: Part Six

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Aha! I bet I had most of you wannabe film buffs thinking I was only suggesting things you’ve seen! I would venture to guess that 99.99999% of you who click on this post will not have seen all five suggestions for this week. The odds are so far in my favor it’s ridiculous. Feel free to prove me wrong though. Let’s get to it…

Two Shamelessly Viewed TV Shows

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This guest post comes from Memphis, TN native Warner Russell (@uncle_warny). We are glad he joined us for a post even if we are totally going to judge him for the contents of his post. Enjoy! I’m just going to throw this statement right out there so you know what you’re working with here. I watch the following TV shows with no shame: