Weekly Review: March 19-23, 2012

Welcome to our first Weekly Review! In today’s day and age, information bombards us at an unhealthy rate. There is seemingly so much to read and consume, and so little time to do it. That’s why at the end of each week, Joseph Williams is prepared to update you on all the best reads from a large variety of sources. Clayton Martin will be following Joseph’s articles with a fun grab bag of entertainment as well. So take a deep breath, relax, and let us do the leg work for you!

Joseph’s Recommendations for March 19th – March 23rd


TV & Film

What Makes Mad Men Greater than Everything Else on TV (Link)

We can still keep learning from Mad Men (Link)

Downton Abbey Characters and their Mad Men counterparts (Link)

Economics and The Hunger Games (Link)

Dystopias, Genesis 4, and The Hunger Games… OH MY! (Link)

Back to the Future is my 2nd favorite movie of all-time (Link)


Politics, Policy, & Law

Conservative-perspective on upcoming ObamaCare Supreme Court Cases (Link)

Liberal-perspective on upcoming ObamaCare Supreme Court Cases (Link)

FAA to review its outdated policy that keeps you from reading your Kindle during takeoff (Link)

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan on his 2013 Budget Proposal (Link)

“Just as important, governments should start real tax reform aimed at simplifying overly complex tax codes and eliminating exemptions and loopholes that distort behavior and favor above all the wealthy. That’s an area where tax- resistant Americans and free-spending Europeans may find they have more in common than they think.” (Link)

The waning days of the GOP Primary (Link)

A more tender side of Richard Nixon, or “I am a lover, not a crook” (Link)

I’m hardly surprised that conservatives are better at understanding liberals’ perspectives than vice-versa (Link)



Penny Hardaway serving his hometown in a real, authentic way – by giving of himself (Link)

Pour one out for Chipper: My all-time favorite baseball player from my childhood is about to begin his last season (Link)

“This is how the Jets operate. Always willing to gamble, always swinging for the fences, always trying to add ability without concern for what everyone else will think about it. Yes, this was bizarre. Yes, it could turn into a disaster. Yes, there are other holes to fill. Yes, it’s a nontraditional move that not even the players understand. But all throughout this wild day in Florham Park, they held onto one believe, this one unwavering conviction. Tim Tebow makes them better.” (Link)

Best reflections I’ve read on Peyton Manning to the Broncos (Link)

Why the Saints Really Got the Hammer (Link)



David Brooks dropping some truth-bombs about the human condition (Link)

Who is happy? (Link)

There’s a new book out analyzing how we think and interact concerning faith and politics. This is a wonderful anecdote from it that is quite convicting and piercing. (Link)


Clayton’s Recommendations Of The Week


My links

How much do you pay for each extra TV channel you don’t watch? (Link)

Russell Crowe is set to play the Biblical figure of Noah in Darren Arronofsky’s next film Noah. (Link)

What America does for work… (Link)

Michael Bay takes another shot at ruining your childhood (Link)

Moderate background noise makes you more creative (Link)


What to buy

Have you had a rough week? Too worn out to get up and refill your wine glass over and over? Here’s your solution! The Big Betty XL Wine Glass holds an entire 750ml bottle of wine in one glass! (Link)


Remember pet rocks?!?! They were one of the most brilliant (or bullshit) inventions ever. Now you can get one that plugs into your USB! And fear not, just like it’s caveman predecessor it “doesn’t do a dang thing.” (Link)


Pictures of the week


This is the new poster for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. It’s pretty brilliant.


This comes from a website called Arrested Westeros where they put an Arrested Development quote with a screen shot from Game of Thrones. Considering these are two of my favorites I found these ever so entertaining. (Link)


This is from a series of Kenny Powers (Eastbound & Down) quotes put to pictures of presidential figures. There is a whole series of them. (Link)


And of course Asian baby in a Mr. T costume…

I hope you feel sufficiently caught up on this week! Join us again next week for more good reads and more wacky shit!


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